Monday, 31 December 2018

GOP Rep. Brooks Explains Why Democrats Want Open Borders

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) suggested on Sunday that the Democrats do not want to secure the southern border because they want to change the voting electorate in the U.S. through immigration.
"It is a very tough position that the Democrats have put us in," Brooks began. "On the one hand you have got thousands of Americans who are dead each year because of the Democrats’ refusal to secure the border. Those Americans are dying either because they have been murdered by illegal aliens, vehicular homicides by illegal aliens or the illegal narcotics that are shipped into the country by illegal aliens and their drug cartels with the drug overdoses that are in the tens of thousands of lost American lives per year."
"So the question is going to be how much blood, American blood, you have to have on the hands of the Democrats leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer before they will help us with border security?" Brooks continued. "Or is their craving for power such that they are willing to accept the loss of American lives?"
When asked if the Democrats might be willing to compromise with President Donald Trump on border security, Brooks answered, "I don't know if the Democrats are willing to do it now; they were not willing to do it earlier this year."
"On our side — those of us who care about border security, and care about the financial health, and actual health of American citizens — we've already compromised a lot on this issue," Brooks continued. "$25 billion is what we need to properly secure our border with a wall and we're all the way down to $5 billion — that is a huge compromise where you are giving up 80% of what is needed to adequately protect the lives and safety of American citizens."
Brooks then explained why he believes the Democrats refuse to secure the southern border, suggesting that the Democrats are essentially trying to import voters.
"Democrats have an open borders philosophy, they don’t believe in border security, they believe this is the way to change the American electorate in order to win elections," Brooks explained.
Brooks also noted that studies have shown that illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers over $100 billion per year.

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