Tuesday, 26 March 2019

*SNICKER* AOC asks Twitter for questions for her #GreenNewDeal Town Hall on MSNBC and NO WAY she’ll answer ANY of these

Oh. Good.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is prepping for a Green New Deal Town Hall with Chris Hayes on MSNBC.
During March Madness.
Alrighty then.
And hey, AOC went on Twitter looking for questions people have for her about the ‘deal’, and just guess how this went for her.
Ooh, ooh, we have one!
It Train A leaves the station traveling 60 mph at 8 am and Train B leaves another station traveling 45 mph at 9 am at what time will she address the FEC charges against her and her CoS? πŸ™‚ Is that how this works? No?
Our bad.
Folks on the thread had other questions for AOC:

Maybe? It IS MSNBC.

How will this all be paid for? Specific details. Actually answer the question. Let’s see you use that economics degree.
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It’s a cow fart thing. Dude, you wouldn’t understand.
@BarackObama hoodwinked us all in 2008 to believe he is a progressive. He clearly isn’t, especially based on his critique of the Green New Deal. Which Presidential candidates do you believe REALLY support it and not just say they do?
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How will your green new deal adress the Earth's elliptical and shifting orbit due to rotation that results in sometimes being closer to the sun, which warms our atmosphere and produces a warming trend over several years - decades before we shift back into a wider orbit?
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Quiet you, with all your science.
How about, for once, some realistic answers on how you plan to fund your deal and how you plan to accomplish everything you say needs to be done in order to see your deal come to fruition. No more talking around the subject. Clear, concise answers
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Start with how you are going to pay cash for all your Green Stuff without taking away from the average workers paycheck, and how many hours you are going to add to his day getting to work and home again every day without a car.
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Awww, Ed. We can’t remember if he’s the smarter or the denser of the Krassenstein brothers.
Eh, same difference.
When will you actually met with real reporters? This will be another love fest. If you ever want to be taken serious you need to step in with media that will fire fastballs at you instead of the tee ball leagues you are playing in now
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Don’t be silly, she isn’t interested in having a REAL discussion on climate change. Otherwise, she’d do this on Fox News.

And she wouldn’t do it during March Madness.

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