Sunday, 14 April 2019

KABOOOOM! Dan Bongino drops a much-deserved truth-bomb RIGHT on John Brennan’s inflated head and it’s GLORIOUS

In other news, an angry old man continues to yell at clouds.
John Brennan seems super cranky and tense, even more so than usual. Gosh, wonder what’s got his britches so bunched up?
Dan Bongino had a few choice words for Cranky McCrankyface.
Brennan, the police-state tyrant, is terrified. He’s terrified because his role in organizing the most disturbing abuse of government power in modern times is about to see daylight. He’ll be recognized by history only as a stain, and a blight, on our Nation. Bank on it.

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Youch. Pretty sure there ain’t enough aloe in this world to help with this burn …
As with so many bad guys in service to tyranny throughout history, he did it to himself. Brennan failed to recognize that his treachery would stick out like a sore thumb when the the bad guys he served scattered like cockroaches under the light of investigation.

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Man, we hope so. Not just because these horrible a-holes definitely deserve some consequences for what it seems like more and more transpired, but because we’re really sick of looking at this guy’s face.

We have another word for John-Boy but we’ll keep it to ourselves.
Wow, imagine what someone like him might be motivated to do if positioned & granted an opportunity?
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Godzilla could walk out of the water and start tearing down buildings and throwing cars around in Manhattan, and as long as Godzilla is a liberal Democrat and against Trump, the mainstream media wouldn't say a damn thing about it.
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We can see it now, ‘Well, Godzilla is destroying buildings and throwing cars around but ONLY because it’s the best thing for the city.’
Not a great visual.
Thanks for that.
And why does he ALWAYS look like he just smelled a fart?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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