Sunday, 14 April 2019

OOPSIE! AOC shares Vox article claiming working-class Americans are fed up with their employers, trips EPICALLY over Amazon

Wonder if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is feeling left out since Ilhan Omar has been the main ‘junior’ rep most people have been making fun of this week. Wait, we mean reporting on this week.
Our bad.
Granted, AOC tried really hard to take the limelight from her buddy but in the end, Ilhan had the more horrible week and thus the most attention. Not for lack of trying from AOC though …
She shared a Vox article.
Told you she was desperate for attention.
From Vox:
More than 30,000 grocery store employees in the northeastern US are refusing to return to work for the second day in a row.
Cashiers and deli workers at Stop & Shop supermarkets walked off the job Thursday afternoon at 240 stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, saying the supermarket chain is trying to slash their pay by hiking health insurance premiums and lowering pension benefits for new employees.
It’s like they want their jobs to be given to robots and computers. See McDonald’s and other fast food chains.

Sounds like they want a different job anyway.
We are heading toward an economy full of robotics and automation. If something isn’t done they will take all our money and no longer need our workers.
791 people are talking about this
Umm … we have questions. Ed Krassenstein sort of got something right.
NOT a parody.
What the Hell?
It happens.
Are they forcing them to work? Are they not allowed to quit. I work where Im paid the most.
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Yeah, we do that too.
When you were a bartender, you received a much lower salary than you do now. Working hard and finishing school your job and salary changed. These workers shouldn’t settle either, but aim for a better future by getting a trade or college degree
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That. ^
We should form a club.
That’s how it’s supposed to work.
The Amazon thing ain’t going away any time soon, AOC.

She set herself up for this one.

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