Sunday, 28 April 2019

Teacher slammed for sending students 'demeaning' letter about bad grades

A South Carolina middle school teacher is facing serious criticism after sending a letter to students telling them to put in more effort, local news outlet WMBF reports.
“Progressive reports are coming out soon,” the letter reads. In larger, bold lettering, it continues, “No, you cannot do extra credit to bring up your grade.”
“If your grade is so low that you need help, it’s most likely because you have chosen to do little to no work this grading period in which case history tells me that even if I did give you an assignment for replacement credit, you probably wouldn’t do it anyway,” the Dillon Middle School teacher writes.
“Do us both a favor … Remember how disappointed and upset you feel right now. Take a moment and really let it sink in. Every time you fail to turn in an assignment in the new grading period, think of how you feel right now, and know that if you continue to make the decisions that have led you to this moment, you will be facing down this sign again when report cards go out,” it continues. 
“What can you do to bring your grade up?” she wrote. “Maybe you should start with your work … when it’s assigned.”
Many parents were not pleased with the teacher’s tough love approach. Mom Stacy Hargrove wrote in an email to WMBF that the method was “demeaning.”
“She addresses the kids in a demeaning manor (sic) all the time,” said Hargrove. “She has no compassion for them. It’s not about bad grades … or kids slacking off … it’s about how she treats the kids. Being a good teacher also entails showing compassion for the kids.”
In a statement, Dillon District 4 superintendent Ray Rogers said the letter was not approved by the school district before it was distributed. 
“This morning, the district learned that a middle school teacher issued a note to students denying extra-credit work opportunities toward grade improvement,” said Rogers. “This note was not approved by district administrators and was distributed without district permission.”
The statement continued by saying that while they are unable to comment on confidential personnel matters, they do take issues such as these seriously. Rogers went on to encourage students and parents who have any issues to reach out to their school’s principal.

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