Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Nightmare: 33-Year-Old Left Barren After Socialized Medicine in Canada ‘Treated’ Her

A growing number of elected Democrats, particularly several top-tier 2020 presidential candidates, have openly proposed the United States move to a form of socialized medicine, a single-payer, government-run “Medicare for All” scheme that would utterly destroy our nation’s private medical institutions and health insurance providers.
The ideological left like to proclaim that a government-run health care system would be the height of compassion and the most admirable way for Americans to help take care of each other. However, a recent story from our Canadian neighbors, who have been saddled with a single-payer, centralized health care system, reveals the absolute nightmare and potentially deadly evil that socialized medicine truly is.
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported on the tragic case of a relatively young woman from Nova Scotia named Inez Rudderham. Rudderham has discovered she is now barren due to the incredibly delayed radiation treatment she received for a cancerous tumor. Her cancer went undiagnosed for about two years, despite her efforts to get her declining health checked out by doctors.
In what can only be described as a powerful, heartbreaking and emotional video posted to Facebook, Rudderham challenged the premier of Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil, to tell her directly to her face in a one-on-one meeting that there is no real health care crisis in the province, as she asserted that she herself has become “the face” of a very real health care crisis.

“I am a 33-year-old mother. I went undiagnosed with anal cancer for two years because I did not have access to a family doctor. And when I went to the ERs, I was brushed off,” Rudderham explained.
She revealed that doctors finally caught her cancer — once it had reached Stage Three. “Three ERs I went to, before someone would listen to me,” she said.
“Thirty rounds — 30 rounds! — of radiation to my pelvis, which has left me barren and infertile. At 33, I am in menopause, because when my tumor was a polyp I did not have access to a family doctor, and the ERs wouldn’t help me,” she continued, wiping away tears.
She further revealed that she had finally been granted an appointment with mental health services to discuss and receive help coping with her situation. Unfortunately, that appointment for the desperately needed mental health assistance — which she had been trying to arrange since January — wasn’t scheduled to take place until the middle of July. 
“So once again, I dare you to look me in the face, and tell this — this is the face of the health care crisis in Nova Scotia. I cannot receive help for trauma that I experienced because of this failed system. Until July,” Rudderham said.
“What about my daughter? What about my 4-year-old daughter, who doesn’t have me there — fully — because I need help and I’m not receiving it,” she added. “This is the face. This is the face of the health care crisis in Nova Scotia, and I dare you to tell me otherwise.”
The CBC reported that, according to the president of Doctors Nova Scotia, Rudderham’s account of her treatment — or more accurately, lack thereof — was an increasingly all-too-common refrain that had been heard from countless patients in the province, as well as across the entire nation of Canada. 
“Lack of a family physician, having to access emergency department services for health care — knowing full well that those emergency departments aren’t equipped to be diagnosing cancer like this, and are also stretched thin themselves,” Tim Holland explained. He suggested that cutting back bureaucratic red tape, hiring and retaining more doctors and nurses, and improving working conditions were all part of a “multi-factorial” approach that was necessary to address and fix the problems with the nation’s health care system.
As for province Premier McNeil, he told reporters that he had tasked the Health Department to seek out and learn more from Rudderham about her particular issues, but declined to commit to a face-to-face meeting with her. The province’s Health Minister, Randy Delorey, also said that his people would reach out to Rudderham, but declined to agree that the health care system had reached a “crisis” state. 
Contrary to the rosy picture painted by leftists who tout a single-payer health care system, this is in fact the grim reality of socialized medicine, a system that limits access and provides no alternatives or second opinions, leaving those patients trapped within the system to suffer and even ultimately die with no hope whatsoever.
There is nothing compassionate or caring at all when it comes to socialized medicine. Every Democrat who openly promotes such an evil and dangerous system should be compelled to watch this video or meet with other individuals who have suffered similarly to Rudderham, if only to hear for themselves the sort of dystopian nightmare they seem intent on foisting upon the American people.

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