Saturday, 22 June 2019

Maaaaybe rethink this tweet? Hillary groupie accidentally reminds EVERYONE why she lost and the thread is comedy GOLD

Today’s a good reminder that things would be a whole lot worse if Trump hadn’t won.
Gram-Gram Pantsuit could be in charge and yikes.

Today’s a good reminder. We could’ve had a freaking foreign policy expert as President. Would’ve been nice!

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Would’ve been nice?
Umm … seriously?
Similar reaction here.
If Hillary were the president we’d already be at war.
Lmao, she would be at war. Just stop with your ignorance of anything political or history based. Or did you post this to seem woke?

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We’re going to go with trying to seem woke.
Super woke in fact.

With a freakin’ laser beam on her head.
Oh, wait.
Today’s a good reminder that in one of the first primary debates she said she was proud of making “the Iranians” her enemy. Her foreign policy “expertise” is one of the reasons she lost
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Sensing a theme here, Lily.
Haha nice! That gif definitely says “slay kween”!! And reminds us of all the Iranian civilians she would have slayed!!!! Freaking cool!
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Her foreign policy record is atrocious though. We need someone who is anti-war who refuses to put war hawks in his/her cabinet (thinking Clinton would have pro-war people guiding her as well).
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This is why she lost.

Well, this and her awful pantsuits, general evil disposition, hateful ideas, and soulless view of the world around her but THIS didn’t help matters, that’s for sure.

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