Saturday, 22 June 2019

Totally BS take contrasting Hope Hicks with Susan McDougall has over 13,000 RTs, including from MSNBC’s Joy Reid

So, this take contrasting Clinton/Whitewater figure Susan McDougal with Hope Hicks is going viral thanks in large part to people that have no freaking clue what they’re talking about:
From former federal prosecutor and notable Trump critic Renato Mariotti:

For starters, a judge sent her to jail and this was because she refused to answer questions in federal court, not in Congress:
She had also already been found guilty of fraud in conspiracy prior to this. Via Wikipedia:
McDougal was convicted of her role in Whitewater on May 28, 1996, and she was sentenced to spend time in prison for four counts of fraud and conspiracy relating to the Whitewater scandal, but her prison term did not begin until March 7, 1998, as there were other court proceedings.
Joy Reid called it an “excellent question,” because she obviously doesn’t have the computer skills to use Google and find out for herself:
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I know this not because I remember it (I was eight), but because Wikipedia exists. Even that is evidently too high a bar for some.
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Or maybe Reid was hacked again?

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