Thursday, 13 June 2019

Trans activist Charlotte Clymer is ‘LOLing’ at all the ‘clownish’ conservatives rightly slamming her garbage take on free speech

Charlotte Clymer makes a living doing comms for the Human Rights Campaign. But her communication skills could really some work. Because this was evidently what she thought was the right take on anti-vaxxers:
Not all opinions are equal.

Not all opinions are deserving of our time and consideration.

Not all opinions should be given space in the public square.

If you push a “belief” that is directly harmful to others, you have moved past “opinion” and into a threat to public safety.
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Yeah … that’s not quite how it works, Charlotte.
Unsurprisingly, she’s getting some pushback for that:
You push the belief that you're female and call it a threat if you don't believe it. Sit down.
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You are directly causing me significant distress by threatening free speech in the US.

Please stop immediately.
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 Does Charlotte ever just stop and listen to herself? Or can she not hear the stupidity in what she’s saying over the sound of her patting herself on the back?
Is there a vaccination against self-unawareness? Because Charlotte could really use it.
Right? But Charlotte doesn’t seem to be getting the message. Like, at all:
First of all, deriding the press doesn’t constitute “curtailment.” And when Trump has suggested measures to actually curtail the press, conservatives have called him out for it. But nice try, Charlotte.
Talk about an understatement.
Charlotte isn’t interested in any respectful discussion. After all, you can’t have a discussion with someone you’re trying to silence.
Condescension rooted in ignorance is always a sign that you’re winning an argument.
And projection is absolutely on-brand for Charlotte.
Which conservatives are arguing against vaccinations? Come on, Charlotte. Don’t leave us hanging!
But enough about the Left, Charlotte.
When Charlotte Clymer’s chickens come home to roost, she’ll have no one to blame but herself.

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