Monday, 8 July 2019

Like, she’s so MAD! AOC’s late-night temper tantrum after Nancy Pelosi throws SERIOUS shade her way only makes her look WORSE

 Nancy Pelosi has understandably grown tired of the immature and embarrassing antics of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Presley, and of course, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Would appear the House Speaker is especially unimpressed with their behavior in social media.
We agree with her.
And since Pelosi DARED criticize the flailing foursome, AOC was front and center with a little clapback of her own, and it’s just painful.
Twitter is public sentiment?
It’s more like noise on top of noise but whatever helps her sleep better at night.
I find it strange when members act as though social media isn’t important.

They set millions of 💵 on 🔥 to run TV ads so people can see their message.

I haven’t dialed for dollars *once* this year, & have more time to do my actual job. Yet we’d rather campaign like it’s 2008.

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Uh-huh, she’s mad.
Note, she might want to consider doing a little dialing for dollars or investing in some ads because if her own district polling is any indication, she could very well be a one-term rep.
Guess Pelosi didn’t have time to fake a bunch of photos in front of an empty, fenced parking lot or go down to the border and claim a bunch of horrible things about CBP officers. She was too busy actually going to work.
I don't think it's a good idea to trust a woman who cried at an empty parking lot, who said women were being forced to drink out of toilets, and who voted AGAINST funding to help these poor people at the border.
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AOC’s track record isn’t what we’d call … good.
List how many have died and the causes of each. Because what’s been in the news places no blame on CBP or ICE.
Be honest for a change. 🙄
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"So many kids"? There have been 6, many of which were gravely ill when they arrived. 24 total deaths since 2016. ICE was holding an average of 42,000 people a day in 2018. You don't do math , you do very bad drama.
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@AOC never cared about the well being of detainees that's why she should would not give struggling detention facilities any $$$. @RepAOC needs photos of dirty hungry children to drive her social media accounts and fill her campaign coffers.
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FYI, AOC has since blocked Liz Wheeler but that’s another story.
Oh, so THAT’S why she was really crying.

It all makes sense now.

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