Thursday, 15 August 2019

Clean up, aisle 5! Sharyl Attkisson ZINGS Mother Jones for piece calling Trump ‘Conspiracy Theorist in Chief’ and it’s perfect

You know, we almost forgot Mother Jones is still a ‘thing’. It’s been so long since we actually came across any of their tweets or stories that actually made an impact on us and sadly this nonsense about Trump being a conspiracy theorist in chief isn’t really any different.
From Mother Jones (yeah, yeah, we know – wait for it):
From the day he kicked off his 2016 presidential campaign, an air of paranoia has infused almost everything Trump has said or done. He demanded a border wall on the grounds that Mexico was sending killers and rapists into the country, boosting his claims with an Infowars video he’d seen on the Drudge Report. He promised to “bomb the shit out of” ISIS, while insinuating that the current commander in chief harbored sympathies for the terrorist group (“There’s something going on”). After Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died in his sleep, Trump fanned theories of an assassination.
Holy CRAP that’s dumb.
But see? It’s a hot pile of stupid and we would’ve ignored it if Sharyl Attkisson hadn’t zinged them with a pretty damn good zinger:

Oh YEAH, like just like that!
Never mind.
Yup. Sharyl nailed it. Again.
Or the time he made the ridiculous claim that the federal government had wiretapped his campaign. I specifically remember news media outlets scoffing at the idea.
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You cannot shame or embarrass the apoplectic leftist Dem-o-brats with facts…let alone mild sarcasm based on facts…almost unbelievable the coastal meatheads careen from lie to lie and lack any desire to percolate the truth
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We just included this for the ‘Dem-o-brat’ thing … that is rad.
The Democrats and their proxies in the media have gone off the deep end. Their delusional group think has destroyed any credibility with reasonable Americans. This schtick only moves the needle with most ardent leftists.
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You're spot on Sharyl but the problem with you is you use actual facts when discussing current events. So that'll never work with emotional leftists.
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Mother Jones accuses Sharyl of being a Russian agent in 3 … 2 … 1

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