Friday, 16 August 2019

‘Love Me Or Hate Me, You Have To Vote For Me’: Trump Tells Voters They Have ‘No Choice’

President Trump unveiled a whole new strategy during his raucous campaign rally in New Hampshire on Thursday.

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Here's how it works: If you love him, vote for him in 2020. If you hate him, vote for him in 2020 — because the economy is so good.
"Whether you love me or hate me, you have to vote for me," Trump said as his supporters cheered.
Trump told voters in New Hampshire — which he lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016 by fewer than 3,000 votes out of more than 700,000 cast — that their economic security depends on him being re-elected.
"The United States right now has the hottest economy anywhere in the world," Trump said.
"The markets have gone through the roof since Nov. 9," he added. "That's the day after I won the election. So I won the election, the markets went up thousands of points, things started happening, you started doing things that you would have never, even though I didn't get sworn in until Jan. 20."
Trump said the economy would've imploded had he not been elected.
"These markets would have crashed, and that'll happen even more so in 2020," he said.
And he said voters simply have no choice but to vote for him.
"See, the bottom line is, I know you like me — and this room is a lovefest, I know that — but you have no choice but to vote for me because your 401(k)s? Down the tubes. Everything's going to be down the tubes," Trump said.

Trump also hammered Joe Biden, saying he just isn't up to the task of being president. He mocked Biden following a report that the 76-year-old may scale back his scheduled appearances after weeks of verbal gaffes.
"If I ever did that it would be over," the president told the crowd in Manchester. "The fake news would get us."
And, of course, he worked in his favorite nickname for the former vice president. "Is there anything better than a Trump rally?" Trump asked the crowd, drawing cheers. "What about a 'Sleepy Joe Biden' rally?" he asked. "I think Sleepy Joe may be able to limp across the finish line. But today they announced that they're going to cut way back on his appearances because he is such a disaster."
Biden has been a fountain of gaffes lately. After two mass shootings, one in El Paso, Texas, the other in Dayton, Ohio, Biden expressed regrets for "the tragic events in Houston today and also in Michigan the day before."
That blunder came just days after he stumbled at the Democratic debate in Detroit. In his closing statement, he told viewers to "go to Joe 3-0-3-3-0." But he meant to tell them to text "Joe" to 30330, which invites signees to "chip in" and declares the campaign is expecting a "MASSIVE rush of donations."
Also at the debate, he said that "eight more years of Trump will change America in a fundamental way." But Trump can serve only two terms, which means if he wins re-election in 2020, he'd leave office on January 20, 2025.
And at the state fair in Iowa over the weekend, Biden said he supports "truth over facts."
Trump couldn't pass up the opportunity to needle Biden.
"Joe Biden just said, 'We believe in facts, not truth.' Does anybody really believe he is mentally fit to be president? We are 'playing' in a very big and complicated world. Joe doesn’t have a clue!" the president wrote on Twitter.

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