Friday, 20 September 2019

‘Gawd, you’re SUCH a liar!’ Conservatives get Medieval on Amy Klobuchar for pushing debunked Trump/neo-Nazi lie

Not only is Amy Klobuchar pushing the many-times-debunked lie that Trump called neo-Nazis ‘very fine people’, but she’s also exploiting a young man who was almost beaten to death to play politics on Twitter. We suppose we should just be glad she’s not throwing binders at anyone or eating a salad with a comb.
And she wants to be president.
Someone should really tell Amy only disingenuous losers are still pushing the lie that Trump called neo-Nazis ‘very fine people.’
Oh, wait.
The only thing more pathetic than you peddling the “ORANGE MAN CALLED NAZIS FINE PEOPLE” lie, is you eating Comb Salad. You embarrass Minnesotans.

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The definition of "Absolutely nothing left?"

Pusing a BS narrative that has been debunked to death...

So, either you're an ignorant fool, or you think that your followers are...

Neither is a good look...
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Over/under on when Amy finally drops out?

Like the good little Democrat that she is.

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