Friday, 6 September 2019

'He Called Me a House Negro': Pro-Trump Black Man Confronted at Anti-ICE Rally

An African-American man said a protester at an anti-ICE rally in New York City referred to him as a “house negro” because of his support for President Donald Trump.
Video captured an exchange between the man, who was holding a “Trump 2020” sign, and protesters at Grand Central Terminal last week against the president’s immigration policies and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.
Signs by the protesters read, “Close The Camps” and “Abolish ICE.”
One black woman confronted the pro-Trump man, apparently trying to shame him for siding with the commander-in-chief.
“It’s not about color, it’s about policy!” he countered and then accused her of being “brainwashed.” 
“This is America. It’s freedom,” the man proclaimed a short time later. “You got the right to do that, I got the right to do this.”
He then referred to someone off-camera (apparently among the protesters) as saying, “he called me a house negro.”
“That’s why I don’t like white liberals or Democrats,” the Trump supporter added. “They are the worst of the worst on this earth. A white liberal and a Democrat wants to control you — that’s what they want to do. They are pathetic.”  
He then goaded liberal Democrats about their support for reparations for African-Americans.
“If you’re a white liberal or Democrat, pay me reparations,” he continued. “Not that I want it but y’all say I deserve it. And I will immediately turn it over to the Trump campaign. I do not want your money,” he said. 
“You say I deserve reparations, white liberals and Democrats? Pay up … because you told me I deserve reparations. I did not ask for it,” the man added. “They told me that to try to buy my vote, but you won’t get my vote. My vote is going to Trump 2020.”
He then joked that he has the “cure” for white guilt.
“If you have white guilt, I have the cure for your white guilt: Put your money in my bank account and you will be healed. Thank you,” he said. 
Several hundred people inside Grand Central Terminal participating in a silent protest against the Trump administration’s policies they’re calling to . About a dozen pro-Trump supporters are here counter-protesting as well. @PIX11News

Fox News reported that last week’s protest was organized by Rise and Resist NYC.
The group’s Facebook page described the event as a silent protest “to object to Border Patrol and ICE terrorizing immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers.”
Trump is clearly making a push to garner more African-American support going into 2020, touting the record-low unemployment rate they are enjoying under his administration.
Exit polling in 2016 showed Trump winning just 8 percent of the African-American vote.
However, a Fox News poll in late July showed the president with a 22 percent approval rating among African-Americans.
Early last month, Rasmussen Reports found his daily tracking approval number in that demographic ranging between 25 and 34 percent.

That is a trend that could bode very well for the president in November 2020.

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