Thursday, 12 September 2019

HRC’s Charlotte Clymer is infuriated by all the ‘conservative white men’ exploiting 9/11 victims ‘to justify their racism’

Nation contributor Joshua Holland’s God-awful 9/11 take:
One of the things I remember most about 9/11 was all of these conservatives who despised New York and DC and all the people living in those cities pretending that they felt some deep, personal loss.

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A lot of people thought that was quite possibly the worst one of the day. But it turns out that Josh has got some pretty stiff competition in the garbage person department. Ladies and gentlemen, Human Rights Campaign comms whiz Charlotte Clymer:
It's been 18 years, and what infuriates me is the way "patriotic" conservative white men who didn't have the courage to serve one goddamn day in uniform when their country needed them continue to exploit the massacre of 3,000 innocent people to justify their racism.

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Clymer does her fellow vets a disservice with that crap.

Well, that depends … how much time have you got?
I'm a conservative white man who loves his nation, and I signed up and spent 11 years in uniform AFTER 9/11, more than 3 of them in the desert... Am I racist?
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It's been 18 years and what infuriates me is people like you who dare you take the deaths of 3,000 and trivialize them for your juvenile need to appear relevant.
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Yeah, you seemed to have missed the point of . What infuriates most normal people is that 3,000 people died that day. Just saying.
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Never forget that the memories of those lost on 9/11 deserve a lot better than Charlotte Clymer.

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