Thursday, 19 September 2019

Omar Tries to Explain Calling Dad by Husband's Last Name in Tweet: It's Just a Nickname

The theory that Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar married her brother has become a very contentious issue. It’s become even more contentious now that a tweet showing her wishing a happy Father’s Day to a man with the same name as her husband — especially since she deleted it.
The controversy, long considered a conspiracy theory limited to the conservative blogosphere, has now gone pretty mainstream. It’s going to get even more attention now that the uncovered tweet is trending.
Posted six years ago, the tweet was deleted early Tuesday morning, according to The Daily Caller.
It read: “Happy Father’s Day to my aabo Nur Said, I am forever grateful to Allah for giving me the best father a…” along with a link to an Instagram post.
This was deleted by Rep. Ilhan Omar this morning, and I would like to know why
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Tweet is from 2013, original screengrab cut off the date
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According to public information, Omar’s father is a Somali immigrant living in the United States named Nur Omar Mohamed. She has an ex-husband named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.
Controversial Islamic reformist Mohamad Tawhidi drove home the import of what the scrubbed social media post implied.
Your father is Nur Said?
Not: Nur Omar Mohamed?

So you’re Ilhan Nur Said?

And you married Ahmed Nur Said,

You married your brother.

(Most Americans don’t know that in most Muslim countries, the surname is actually the father’s name)


Ilhan in 2013 👇🏽 BUSTED. 
This means her real name is Ilhan Nur Said

Some examples for Non-Muslims/Those not from Middle East & North Africa:

1. ‘Mohammad Salman’ means: Mohammad the son of Salman.

2. ‘Mohammad Zayed’ means Mohammad the son of Zayed.

• Ilhan’s dad is Nur Said. She’s: ‘Ilhan Nur Said’
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Omar’s people, meanwhile, defended the deletion in a statement Tuesday, according to New York Post writer Jon Levine.
“Rep. Omar and her family are subject to constant threats,” the statement from a spokesperson for Omar read.
“When people write vile things on posts about people she loves — including posting disturbing doctored images of her father — she takes them down.
“Nur Said means ‘Happy Light’ and it’s been her dad’s nickname since he was a kid. He has a public page with the same name.
“She isn’t deleting it for the disturbing and hateful reasons that are being implied by conspiracy theorists and legitimate media outlets shouldn’t be spreading conspiracy theories.”

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