Thursday, 12 September 2019

‘Who benefits financially?’ Sharyl Attkisson brings up inconvenient questions about the #VapeBan in must-read thread

Leave it to Sharyl Attkisson to ask questions nobody wants asked about the e-cigarette ban. It’s not the first time the actual investigative journalist has been front and center pushing buttons about a hot topic …
1-Always interesting to see that when powerful/financial interests want to alert us to health issues, you get a daily count, list of states, etc. But when they don't want us to know of a particular risk or issue, it's very hard to find in the public dialogue.

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She may be onto something here.
2-There's legitimate concern about vaping. Why is TV advertising of cigarettes banned but e-cigarettes allowed? Who owns e-cigarette companies and...

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3-Who benefits financially if flavors are banned but *only* tobacco e-cigarette e-liquid is allowed?

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*adjusts tinfoil hat*
6-But I have a feeling we are about to hear about every single e-cigarette incident. Again, not saying there isn't reason for concern, it's just that I believe financial interests wants us concerned about that and not other health issues.
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Follow the money.
And the power.
True story.
So what else is new?
Where’s the cigarette ban?
Wait, let’s not give them any ideas.
Note: To be completely transparent, this editor is not a smoker or a vaper (and honestly is not a fan of either) but the government banning something at this level is not a good thing. Like, at all. What’s next? A ban on sugar? Wheat? Fast food?

Yeah, we know you know, but it’s a slippery slope, folks.

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