Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Hold on to your HATS because Undercover Huber’s thread on whistleblower’s complaint containing ZERO first-hand info is the bomb

Looking at the whistleblower complaint like this?
Section-by section?
How is this even something we’re still talking about?
Check it out.
The "whistleblower" (WB) complaint does not contain ANY first-hand information. Zero.

And here are the receipts to prove it.


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This thread goes through the entire WB complaint line by line:

—All of the key facts & allegations of misconduct
—Who they are sourced to
—Whether this is first-hand information from the "WB"

N.B: I've excluded anything attributed to public or open-source information by the WB

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—INTRODUCTION: No first-hand info
—SECTION I: No first-hand info
—SECTION II: No first-hand info
—SECTION III: No first-hand info
—SECTION IV: No first-hand info
—CLASSIFIED APPENDIX: Very likely no first-hand info*

*Non-redacted wording

Now, the receipts for each...

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No first-hand info.
And receipts.

Whoda thunk it?
We’re seeing a lot of red in this thread.
N.B. the "WB" makes a brief mention to assistance to Ukraine changing at the end of Section IV, but provides the detail & sourcing in the unredacted parts of the classified Appendix

This is the ONLY part of the complaint that *could* be first hand knowledge (but probably isn't)
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But probably isn’t.
And that he included it speaks volumes for the legitimacy of his thread.
CLASSIFIED APPENDIX: Sources given by the "WB" (part that maybe could be first-hand highlighted in blue)
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—The "whistleblower" did not provide ANY clear first-hand info in their complaint

—All allegations (other than public info) are second-hand knowledge given by unnamed "officials" (usually White House ones)

—"Officials", even if true, could be as few as two other people
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It is possible that hidden away in the redactions in the classified appendix is first-hand information. But that seems unlikely given NONE of the other allegations are

The WB does appear well-placed within the IC & claims multiple White House officials as sources
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Finally, if one of the "WB" sources, a WH official, was wrong about correct classification of the 25 July call, they could also be wrong about many other claims throughout the complaint

The allegations *made by all of the second-hand sources* have to be true, NOT the WB's

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We owe Undercover Huber at least a few dozen cookies today after the threads he’s written on Twitter.

True story.

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