Saturday, 26 October 2019

‘How do you know?’ John Kerry says evidence supporting Trump impeachment ‘more powerful’ than what they had on Nixon (and people have questions)

It isn’t just current Democrat U.S. senators who are eager to see Trump impeached (as soon as possible before the Barr/Durham investigation completes). A certain former Democrat senator, Secretary of State and presidential candidate is also saying there’s plenty of evidence to support the impeachment of President Trump:
John Kerry: Some evidence against Trump is "more powerful already than what we saw in the impeachment of Richard Nixon" 

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John Kerry: "The evidence is powerful -- some of it more powerful already than what we saw in the impeachment of Richard Nixon." 

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That brings up questions:

How do you know Kerry? You aren't on the House Intelligence Committee. Cherry picked leaks?

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How does Kerry know? Oh, that’s the good part. Kerry then went on to say he doesn’t really know:
The former secretary did not go as far as to say Trump should be impeached, stating “the evidence has to be examined,” and that he did not want to draw conclusions.
Kerry said “the evidence is powerful” in support of Trump’s impeachment, but doesn’t want to draw any conclusions because that evidence hasn’t been examined? It sure sounds as if Kerry’s drawn some conclusions there.

Add another to the list!

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