Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Journo-Tater to the rescue! Twitter has no comment on why Trump’s account hasn’t been suspended but Brian Stelter is ON IT

Kamala Harris called for Twitter to suspend Trump’s Twitter account because you know, she’s a beacon of free speech and free ideas and stuff.
Look, let’s be honest, Kamala Harris’ campaign should be suspended.
And considering she’s replacing senior campaign staff and making her people feel all sorts of anxious that may happen sooner than later.
Brian Stelter, the super investigative journalist that he is, claimed Twitter had declined to comment on Trump’s account not being suspended but never fear, he would be presenting ANALYSIS on another show.

Analysis on the president’s Twitter account.
Not being suspended.
Go Tater go!
Because … wait for it … you know it’s coming … one more second … ORANGE MAN BAD.
It’s what you do when you can’t deal with the truth and clearly Democrats can’t deal with the truth. That’s just one of the reasons they’ve been throwing a temper tantrum for the past three years …
The Democrats and the Democrats Media want to Remove the President @realDonaldTrump from Office and now Silence his Communications with the People who voted him in and will vote for him in 2020.
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Ain’t they sweethearts?

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