Sunday, 27 October 2019

Just WOW: James Taranto drops massive reality check on Bill Kristol for garbage ‘Trump would be gone’ tweet

Starting to wonder if Bill Kristol is really as broken as this tweet implies he is. We get it, he hates Trump, but a tweet like this one goes beyond just speaking out against the president.
If John Kelly spoke privately with the ten Republican senators he knows best, and Jim Mattis spoke with the ten senators he’s closest to, and if each told the senators how much he fears for the country with Trump, untrammeled and unhinged, at the helm...Trump would be gone.

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Ummm … there’s a word for what Bill is describing here.
Oh yeah, that.
The fact that Never Trump pundits still worship this idiot, who most GOP voters have never heard of, and whose ideas they’ve already rejected, tells you all you need to know about how out of touch they are.

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As with many of the haters, Mr. Kristol assumes that Trump is unhinged and a danger to the Republic, facts no where in evidence. For his unicorn dream to come true, he also assumes each of these men would be talking to a different group of 10 Senators - also not in evidence.

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But orange man BAD!
I think Bill et al., should spend the next five years finding their best candidates for President. Then explain your platform to the American people and find out if you have enough voters to win.
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They tried that … see McMullin.
See Walsh.

Ask Bill how that’s worked out for them so far.

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