Friday, 18 October 2019

No big deal, just Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren ‘openly [threatening] free political speech’

We missed this bit of brilliance from Elizabeth Warren when she vomited it up earlier this week, but rest assured that this hell is still plenty fresh:
If we can lie in Facebook ads and get away with it, we know that campaign finance laws are not equipped to address online political advertising. My plan would modernize campaign finance law for the digital age. If you are ready to regulate political ads on the internet, sign up.

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How about no?
I like this idea better: "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press"

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We do, too.
Sooo ... your plan includes the establishment of a Ministry of Truth?
... no thanks, I've read that book, it didn't end well.

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So, I understand you went to law school and all, but you might have slept through the class when they talked about the first amendment.

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This is almost certainly unconstitutional and will be abused by your political rivals when they have power.

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Progressivism goes hand-in-hand with authoritarianism.
It does seem pretty safe to say that Elizabeth Warren only wants to clamp down on speech that doesn’t suit her agenda. Given her own history and all …
You repeatedly lied about your race and termination for political gain and you’re still running for President.
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Some lying and getting away with it is more equal than others.

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