Monday, 28 October 2019

Trump Says Why He Didn't Inform Schiff About al-Baghdadi Raid, He's a 'Leaker'

President Donald Trump just explained why he didn’t inform House Intelligence Committee Chairman about the al-Baghdadi raid, and it doesn’t look good for Schiff.
“I said what I do and that I mean” Now onto
“A leaker like no ones seen before” “Biggest leaker in Washington” “I’ve watched leak” “A corrupt politician” is in a good mood. @MSNBC
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Pres says he didn't give advance notice of the raid to House Intell Chair @RepAdamSchiff, because he considers Schiff "the biggest leaker in Washington."
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Think President Trump made the right decision here.

We all know that House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff is the biggest leaker in Washington, as the President suggested.
Lots of support for the President:
When you realize:

Pelosi and Schiff were just in Jordan trying to undermine Trump’s Syria cease-fire

Dianne Feinstein repeatedly met with Iranian officials

John Kerry has tried to undermine Trump’s Iran policy for 3 years

...It makes sense why Trump kept Democrats in the dark
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Sooo... Schiff has lied multiple times about Trump by making up the Ukraine transcript, saying he saw evidence of Russian collusion, etc AND leaked to the media...

And now he whines that Trump won't tell him about secret military operations... he's truly insane, right?
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If Schiff or Pelosi would have been told about the Baghdadi operation (which wasn't required), they would have leaked to the media, held a press conference that Trump was going to screw it up, and Baghdadi would have gotten away.
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What do you think?
Did the President do the right thing by keeping Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff in the dark about the al-Baghdadi operation?

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