Wednesday, 20 November 2019

72 Horrifying Vintage Recipes That Would Have Made Your Party A Success Decades Ago

Tuna waffles. Bananas with mayonnaise. Hot Dr. Pepper poured over slices of lemon. People can eat anything if they put their minds to it. Anything. Nothing proves this better than taking a gander at vintage recipes that create spectacularly weird combinations of food.

So we bring you [drum roll] adverts of weird meals from the not-so-distant past that will make you pity your parents, shout ‘Yuck!’, and have a whole new appreciation for living in the 21st century. It’s nice having the option of not eating Jell-O topped with mayonnaise and strawberries and—oh God, I think I’m gonna be sick—

Honestly, though, ham with bananas, as well as hotdogs in hot cheese soup both sound delicious. I’ll have to try them out at my next soirĂ©e. So while I’m thinking of how to lose friends and deter people with my gastronomical genius (read: evil ways), scroll down and enjoy the culinary delights from the 50s. Upvote your favorite disgusting recipes and share this list with your foodie friends. And let us know in the comments which meals you’d be willing to taste or if you’ve tried any of these recipes before!

Almonds In A Haystack

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