Friday, 8 November 2019

But you know, it’s not POLITICAL or anything: Sen. Mark Warner holding up release of findings that could fully exonerate Trump

Sen. Mark Warner seems like bad news, folks. Not only for people who live in Virginia (like this editor), but for the country in general. Any senator who acts as the vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee who would deliberately hold up findings because he doesn’t politically agree with them is a real problem.
Look at this.
BREAKING: Democrat Sen. Mark Warner, vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is holding up release of findings of panel's investigation into allegations of Trump-Russia "collusion." Report, which had been due for release in Sept, is said to fully exonerate Trump,advisers

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Now, why oh why wouldn’t Warner want Trump exonerated? Gosh, Democrats have been making such a big deal of getting to the bottom of this whole deal, of protecting justice and the Constitution … you’d think Warner would be all over this.
Oh, man, sometimes we crack ourselves up.
Watch the Republicans quickly react with their usual response to democrat dishonesty and do nothing

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Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’re write an angrily worded letter.

Because …
So how is it possible that he can even do that? Oh yeah, no-trumper Richard Burr is the head of the committee, that’s how 😠
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The LAST thing they want is for Trump to be exonerated especially with the election not even a year out.
Holding tax payer funded report back for political reasons. This is surely an abuse of power.

Talk like they do.
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We’d have to call him a traitor if we were to start talking like they do.
Ahem. ^
He’s, unfortunately, one our senators here in Virginia. We just had all branches of state government flipped to Democrats a few days ago and that’s disgraceful. The Republican Party needs to get serious with it’s investment in next year’s elections. Senate dems have to go!
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It certainly looks corrupt-ish.


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