Monday, 18 November 2019

Cool. Libs have donated almost $1 million to the woman who lost to Elise Stefanik by almost 14 points in 2018

Dem Tedra Cobb, who is running against GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik in the NY-21, has raised almost $1 million after the Republican woman became a target for her tough questioning at last week’s impeachment inquiry:
Good job, libs! Rep. Stefanik won in 2018 by a margin of 56.1 to 42.4. May we suggest just lighting your money on fire?
Anyway, Rep. Stefanik is now raising money herself off of Cobb’s success:
My opponent is raising money from the Hollywood liberals calling me . I'm just focusing on the TRUTH & FACTs in impeachment hearings. They can’t handle the truth! DONATE NOW to help us fight back to the Far-Left’s unhinged Hollywood machine! 

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Hollywood is funding Cobb? FACT CHECK: TRUE:

And this guy works in Hollywood as well:
Catchy! Suits you & your lying about @RepAdamSchiff who is honorably running the You knew the rules &chose(on your desperate climb to relevance)to break them &then claim you’re a victim. NY deserves better Vote @TedraCobb
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Netflix exec:
And George Takei is ready to help:
Well, so are Republicans Dan Crenshaw:
And Matt Gaetz:

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