Friday, 8 November 2019

He doth protest too much! Megyn Kelly calls whistleblower attorney Mark Zaid OUT for his anti-Trump tweets and he just can’t DEAL

The whistleblower’s attorney, Mark Zaid, has some questionable tweets on his timeline that clearly demonstrate a partisan bias. Some might even say there’s a conflict of interest but we’ll leave that up to the experts … which clearly this editor is not.
BUT, it doesn’t take an expert to understand that calling for a literal coup of the president is pretty damn partisan and biased. Even Megyn Kelly called Zaid out:
And like clockwork, he played the victim and insisted he truly is non-partisan.
Right, you're not partisan. Your tweets don't show a consistent history of being an Anti-American leftist fanatic at all. πŸ’…

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Amazing what an arrogant little man confuses as patriotic resistance versus subversive illegality.
You are a bad person who needs to humble himself &stop talking only to citizens from your echo chamber of corruption. FYI a coup is anti American by definition you rotten scoundrel.

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Rotten scoundrel. Now there’s an insult you don’t hear every day … it’s perfect.
Nope, not a bit.
This guy …
dude, youve been "outed" bruh .. embrace it.

c'mon, are you IN the or not ?

man the fu*k up .. or chicken the sh!t out .. what say you ?
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Oh, he absolutely can be this stupid, and don’t call him ‘Shirley.’

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