Monday, 18 November 2019

Jeez, ALWAYS wrong? Brit Hume uses Paul Krugman’s own ‘dismal record’ to politely embarrass him and it’s just PERFECT

Brit Hume shared a piece from the National Review on how wrong Paul Krugman has been about everything and he did it as only he can. Politely.
Nobody’s perfect …
From the National Review:
One of the nation’s leading doomsayers has been the New York Times’ perpetually mistaken Paul Krugman, who warned shortly after the 2016 election that Trump’s victory would trigger a global recession “with no end in sight.” We could file that under “post-election hysteria,” but as late as April of this year he was still telling crowds that the bond-market signals predicted “a pretty good chance of a recession sometime in the next year or so.” And he has kept this going all year.
The article goes on to list multiple mistakes Krugman has made about the economy basically DYING because orange man bad; perhaps TDS is a real thing after all.
Thinking Paul needs a new profession. We hear WalMart is hiring greeters.

You kind of get the impression his "predictions" are more from political bias rather than real analysis.

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Honestly, it feels like his predictions are wishes because he wants Trump to fail and in doing so, the country fails. You know someone is really beyond hope with their bias when they’re actually rooting AGAINST the country.
Should Trump get all of Krugman's economics awards? Realistically, @paulkrugman should be filing for bankruptcy if he actually believed what he was saying was true. "Taking it in the shorts" as it were.
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How he has a Nobel Prize for economics is confounding. He’s wrong, and not just wrong, but damn wrong in everything.
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There was that one time at band camp …
Back when I used to argue with brain dead liberals on political forums, I used to do threads titled Krugman vs Krugman. The man has no core values or principles other than to oppose GOP initiatives, even if it meant contradicting himself.
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Hey now, there’s a silver lining.

‘Nuff said.

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