Thursday, 26 December 2019

He messed with the wrong woman! Shocking video shows the moment a Best Buy worker manhandles a would be thief as he tries to rob the store during the holidays

Sometimes it is just best to buy the product!
A wild video shared to Twitter on Tuesday has gone viral showing a Hawaii Best Buy employee absolutely demolish a would-be burglar who she claimed had been in the store once before. 
The video posted by user @exshayts shows the a woman - identified as employee Summer Tapasa-Sataraka - stopping the thief at the Best Buy store in Waimulu, Hawaii. 
The brief clip has been viewed more than 6.7million times. 

Footage shows Tapasa-Sataraka taking a wide stance as she stands in front of the exit. 
The thief - a male - can be seen charging at the employee with a box in his hand. 
Tapasa-Sataraka repeatedly pushes the man away from the door, eventually getting him to crash into a nearby sign. 
The two soon go flying out of the camera's view, with another Best Buy employee falling on top of them to separate them.
That employee and the suspect then are seen falling to the ground, with the thief holding onto Tapasa-Sataraka as she continues swinging punches at him. 
At one point the suspect has the employee in a hold, pulling her shirt over her head so that she has trouble seeing. 
Other employees can be seen pulling the man off of Tapasa-Sataraka and kicking the thief as he gets outside of the store. 
Tapasa-Sataraka can be seen going out of the store to tell the man something as another employee appears to call authorities on his phone.
On Twitter, many speculated that the bold employee would be fired for engaging the thief so aggressively.
But Tapasa-Sataraka insinuated that she planned on quitting.
She also stressed that this was not the first time that this particular man had stolen from the store. 
'First time, he got away,' she shared on Tuesday. 'I was a customer & I saw that s**t happen. This time round, he tried it.. I saw him run.. not today Mf.' 

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