Monday, 1 June 2020

Federal And County Courthouses Attacked In Portland, Rioters Smash More Windows, Start More Fires

After the Portland police successfully broke up crowds downtown earlier in the evening, thousands who had gathered in southeast Portland marched through the city and into downtown. They converged, one again, at the “Justice Center” where they engaged in a stand-off with riot cops.
Though it was tense, it remained peaceful until the protesters-turned-rioters started attacking the federal courthouse. They reported breached the courthouse:
Police quickly started launching tear gas and flash bangs, and the crowd broke off in different directions. However, a large portion hung around in the area and then set their sights on the county courthouse:
Several fires were lit in the area:
Rioters started launching fireworks at the police:
Plenty of fresh smashy smashy:
The terrorists started to pull the boards off fresh and/or shattered windows:
Police continued to chase down splinter groups and toss out tear gas.
KGW covered the mayhem for several hours (Skip to about 2:15:00):
Here’s another good stream from an independent YouTuber:

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