Wednesday 23 September 2020

WATCH: Full Officer Body Cam Footage Released After Incident Goes Viral On Social Media (VIDEO)


Footage of this arrest went viral and received some backlash on social media. The police department released the full body cam footage which told a different story.

After officers explained to the woman about her vehicle she then stated, “You lying bit*h! Cause I never been to New Britain. I never been no fu*king New Britain. You fu*king liar! I want your fu*king bage number! You’re going down! I got that sh*t on camera! You’re going down! You lying, bit*h!”

The woman set her bag on the hood of the vehicle and an officer told her, “You dropped a dollar, ma’am.”

She says again, “You really gonna sit there and lie?!”

The officer stated again to the woman she had dropped a dollar and then she throws what appears to be her drivers license at the hood of the police car.

The woman stated, “Everything I do is legit!”

The officer responds, “Ma’am, you need to relax.”

The woman continued, “Quit fu*king up in here! I don’t want to talk to you! I want your fu*king badge number! I want your badge number! Badge number! You are gonna be on administrative leave! Badge fu*king number now! You will go on administrative leave effective immediately!”

An officer approaches the officer who is recording from his body cam and stated, “I don’t know. It was reported as stolen, but I guess she’s the registered owner.”

The officer with the body cam asked, “How was it? How was it registered as stolen?”

The officer responds, “I don’t know. That’s what I’m tryin to figure out. I think-”

The body cam officer asked, “You got the hot sheet? Can we show her that? Can we just show her that it’s on the list as stolen?”

The woman is seen close by another officer with his driver side door open and she is asking for her stuff back. The officer approaches the woman intending to show her how the vehicle is listed as stolen but she did not want to believe the information shown on the system.

She responded after seeing the information, “There’s no possible way! You just did that in the system?! There’s no fu*king possible way! My car has never ever been reported stolen!”

The officer stated, “Listen. We’re trying to tell you.”

She then walks away after not wanting to speak with another officer and returned back to the body camera officer asking, “How the fu*k could it be reported stolen?”

The body camera officer stated, “We’re trying to show you why we stopped you. That’s it.”

She stated, “That’s some bullsh*t  a** system you did? Did you make up the numbers? Where’d you get the numbers from?”

After she asked the body cam officer all those questions he was saying no then decided to walk away saying he alright and that he was done.

The woman attempted to take back her belongings and leave the scene as the crowd told her not to and police ordered her to get out of her vehicle.

The woman stated, “You see I’m the owner!”

An officer asked, “Would you let me talk?”

She answered, “Sure!”

The officer continued, “If you’re the owner, we’ll take it out of the system and we’ll have you on your way. That’s why. We’re confirming that you are the owner.”

The woman asked, “What else do you need?”

The officer stated, “To run you in the system to make sure this car is registered to you.”

The woman walked away towards the vehicle saying, “I don’t give a fu*k though. Give me my fu*king registration and my insurance now!”

Another officer stated to her, “Ma’am. Stay. Ma’am.”

“Give me my registration and insurance. You see it’s me. You see I’m the owner”, as she flashed her drivers license to the officer nearby and continued to ask, “What are we doing?”

An officer stated, “We have to run it. We have to run-. We have to do a confirm call.”

The woman walked away to another officer asking, “What are you doing? No I don’t want to talk to you!”

The officer directs her to stand away from him and she walks away stating, “I’ll just leave!”

An officer said, “No, you can’t leave. You can’t.”

The woman insisted stating, “It’s my car. I can absolutely leave.”

An officer is seen asking another officer, “Do you have the keys?”

After the moment of asking where the key were, the woman is seen backing out the car attempting to leave.

The officer approaches her stating, “Ma’am. No. Get out of the car.”

A civilian attempts to interfere asking the officers, “What are you doing?”

He was then told to stay over on the sidewalk away from them and the woman in the car tells the civilian to get back as well.

The woman’s car door is open and yelling in the officers face screaming no about getting out of the car.

She then screamed, “Fu*k! It’s my car and it’s not stolen! It’s my car and it’s not stolen!”

Officers tell her to get out of the car but she tells them, “I don’t give a f*ck! It’s my car and its not stolen!”

The vehicle then starts to roll forward and the officer asked, “What are you doing?”

She is yelling back again, “It’s my car! And it’s not stolen!”

Officers are stating to the woman, “Get out of the car.”

The civilian who was told to step back before returned but the officer again tells him to stay out and away.

The woman continued yelling, “Leave me alone!”

An officer stated, “I’m not gonna tell you again. Stay right there. Step out.”

Another civilian approaches staying, “Leave my sista’ alone!”

Other passing by were then yelling at officers and they were asking people to stay back. Things began to escalate more once the woman car drive forward hitting the curb.

The civilian who said to leave her alone states, “Put the car in park, baby! Put it in park!”

The officer continues asking, “You guys back up. Back up. Back up. Get behind the curb. Needs to be 6 feet! 6 feet! Back up!”

The woman stood up from out of the vehicle stating, “Fu*k! Leave me alone! It’s my car! Leave me alone! I have my daughter here! Leave me alone!”

There was more yelling in support of the woman who was screaming out from her vehicle and an officer stated his understanding people wanted to be there for her protection.

The officer stated, “No. That’s fine. We’re trying to-. Listen. We’re trying to limit contact.”

The body cam officer told a civilian to get back and they responded, “Or what!?”

The same officer states, “Get back. Not gonna tell you again. Get back!”

The civilian stated after seeing the woman from the car, “What the hell you doing to her, yo?”

The body cam officer stated, “She’s not listening! Get back!”

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