Thursday, 24 June 2021

Well said, Gary. (Picture)


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  1. WATER ABSORPTION– The capability of a thermoplastic material to absorb water from an surroundings. ULTRASONIC SEALING OR BONDING– A sealing method in which sealing is accomplished by way of the applying of vibratory mechanical pressure at ultrasonic frequencies (20 to forty kc.). Electrical power is converted to ultrasonic vibrations by way CYCLING HELMETS of the usage of} both a magnetostrictive or piezoelectric transducer. The vibratory pressures at the interface in the sealing area develop localized heat losses which melt the plastic surfaces affecting the seal. SPRUE-BUSHING– A hardened metal insert in an injection mold which accommodates the tapered sprue hold and has a suitable seat for the nozzle of the injection cylinder.