Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Mother Shot in Road Rage Incident Following Monster Truck Show

 A Georgia mother was shot in an alleged road rage incident Sunday evening on her way home from a monster truck show in Greenville, South Carolina.

Deputies received a call about a possible road rage shooting around 5;40 p.m. near mile marker two on I-85 South, WYFF4 reported.

11ALIVE noted that the shooting victim, Heather Stevanus, was a passenger in a vehicle driven by her husband Branden. Their three children were also in the vehicle.

Witnesses claimed a BMW came up behind Branden and attempted to pass Branden on the right. However, Branden was reportedly in the process of getting over into the slow lane, therefore his movement blocked passage on the right.

Dillon Long was in a vehicle behind the Stevanus family. He said:

This BMW came up behind Branden at a pretty decent rate of speed. Branden was getting over and that car was moving at such a high rate of speed that the car move [sic] moved over with him. The BMW ended up, for whatever reason, deciding to go off the road and then came back around Branden and just as simple as that…the car came back around, kind of slowed back down and opened fire,

Heather was shot, and her six-year-old son called 911 to alert authorities that help was needed.

Heather was flown to a hospital and is expected to have a long road to recovery.

The BMW from which shots were allegedly fired has not been found.

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