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13 Future Predictions That Were So Wrong People Would Probably Regret Saying Them

Throughout history, there have been many predictions about the future, and some were incredibly accurate. One of the most famous ‘seer’s’ was Nostradamus, a French physician and astrologer who foresaw events such as the French Revolution, both World Wars, and even the death of Princess Diana. Although his story may seem unbelievable, so many people have failed to match his success that it makes you wonder. 

This “Timeline Of Very Bad Future Predictions” created by Infographic shows the worst predictions in history, and it’s safe to say these futurists weren’t as good as they thought. From ‘the telephone won’t succeed as a form of communication’ to ‘the Internet won’t replace newspapers’, it’s unbelievable how wrong these people were.

That's swell! Billionaire uses his $25million yacht to team up with SURFERS to deliver supplies to stranded Malibu wildfire victims - after his own winery was destroyed by the flames (10 Pics)

Billionaire winery owner Howard Leight used his $25million yacht to deliver supplies to victims of the California wildfires with the help of surfers and paddleboarders in Malibu

Only in Malibu …
A group of volunteers teamed up with a billionaire winery owner and some surfers to help deliver supplies to people affected by the California wildfires — using a 142-foot yacht.
The makeshift supply mission, which was caught on video by local residents and reporters, went down Tuesday in the waters off Paradise Cove.
“Does it get more California than this?” wrote one Twitter user.
The yacht — which is valued at around $25 million and includes a helipad — was supplied by Howard Leight, co-owner of the Malibu Rocky Oaks winery. He had reached out to his friend Bill Kerbox on Monday and asked him to help organize everything using social media.
“There’s been so much confusion,” Kerbox told volunteers before heading out Tuesday, according to the Los Angeles Times. “We need to get out on social media that supplies are going to start be unloaded in a little over an hour.”
Cops told the group that they would not be allowed to ferry the goods to shore themselves, so surfers and paddleboarders who were in the area decided to do it for them.
“If we’re not letting people in by land, we’re not letting them in by sea,” an LA County sheriff’s deputy said. But the locals would not be deterred.
After several trips, Leight and his crew managed to unload all of their supplies and transfer them to land safely. The load included around 3,000 bottles of water, 100 gallons of gas, food, shovels and — of course — lots of beer.
In fact, Leight’s yacht was reportedly equipped with a fully stocked wet bar.
With the help of a team of volunteers, Leight and his friend Bill Kerbox packed supplies onto the Leight Star yacht on Tuesday morning and made their way to Paradise Cove
Police wouldn't allow the yacht deliver the supplies to shore so surfers had to step in and help
Leight is the co-owner of the Malibu Rocky Oaks winery in the Santa Monica Mountains
Leight has yet to share any photos of fire damage at his winery, which is seen above in October
The billionaire's yacht, Leight Star, is 142ft long, and has its own helipad
Leight offered his boat to help transport donated supplies to areas cut off by the wildfires
The extensive civilian effort was captured by social media users and local news crews 
The civilian efforts in Paradise Cove caught the attention of social media and local outlets
The group brought 3,000 water bottles and countless other items to the isolated community

'As funny as the death toll': John Cleese is slammed on Twitter after he shares a joke about the California wild fires that have claimed the lives of 50 people (11 Pics)

John Cleese has been slammed on social media after he branded a joke about California's wildfires 'magnificent'.
The veteran British actor, 79, took to Twitter to share a joke he'd heard while dining out at a restaurant in Sacremento, California.
The US state is currently besieged by wild fires, with the death toll currently at 50, with hundreds of animals also thought to have perished and thousands left homeless. 
Poor taste? John Cleese sparked a Twitter storm after posting a joke he'd heard about the California wildfires while dining out at a restaurant in Sacremento. The 79-year-old actor called the joke 'magnificent' 

Some 50 people have now died in the California wildfires with the town of Paradise - the subject of the joke Cleese shared - among the worst-hit areas, with 48 people succumbing to the raging flames (Pictured: The Woolsey Fire burns in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area)

The Monty Python actor divided opinion after he tweeted his experience after dining out at Italian restaurant Lucca. 
He wrote: 'Invited tonight to a Sacramento restaurant called Lucca, by the owner Erin.
'She said that last night several people came in to eat who were from Paradise, the place that just burned to the ground. 
'She told me that they wanted everything they ordered flambeed. Magnificent...' 
At least 48 people have been killed in the northern Camp Fire, close to the town of Paradise, and two more have perished in the southern Woolsey Fire, which has consumed much of Malibu.
Deeply offended, @LennyBellows replied: 'As funny as the dozens of people that burned to death.' 
@Jeff_in_3D agreed, saying: 'I can't tell if this is a joke in very poor taste or somehow a real story. 
'The thing about good humor, even his style of humor, is that it's tasteful. dry humor can still be tasteful. There's nothing tasteful about this, especially while the fire is still burning.' 
Cleese defended posting the tweet and clarified that he had genuinely been told the story by the owner of the Sacramento restaurant. 
The actor said: 'But it was their joke, and they were the ones who had suffered. That's what makes it magnificent.'
Others, however, defended the joke, saying humour is necessary in difficult times. 
'@gingeriffic_knh wrote: 'I'm from south Louisiana. I lived through Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and the floods that destroyed my parents' home two years ago. 
'If you can't have humor after you've lost everything else, what can you have?'

'Broken headlamp, worn tyres, stuck on Radio 2': Garage posts brutally honest eBay advert for 'one of the worst cars they've ever had' (and it's already had 26 bids up to £350!) (12 Pics)

A used car dealership has put a 'disgusting' car up for sale on eBay after failing to shift it at their premises.
Mark Lilly Garages, based in East Sussex, took the seven-seater 2008 Vauxhall Zafira in part exchange from its previous owner along with £300 but quickly realised it had a litany of issues including oil leaks, misfiring and dirty seats.
Now they have put it on the online auction site alongside an extremely honest description of all its faults, even going so far to urge people 'not to buy' the vehicle.
But there has been a lot of interest and so far the bidding is up to £351, meaning they would make a small profit. 
Mark Lilly Garages put this 2008 Vauxhall Zafira, pictured, on eBay for just £1 but has seen bidding rise above £350 despite listing a range of faults including an oil leak in the engine, dents and broken central locking
Sales executive Dan Hack said the inside, pictured, featured 'worn seats, stuck chewing gum and discarded sweets and crisps'
The vehicle, which has done more than 142,000 miles, also has a problem with the engine light on the dashboard, pictured, and would be 'better used in banger racing'
Among its problems include broken central locking, worn tyres, a loose headlight and a radio stuck on BBC Radio 2. 
Sales executive Dan Hack said the only way they would get money for it would be to 'do something fun' with the advert, after deciding spending any cash on trying to improve the car would be a 'waste of money and a sin'.
He also suggested it be bought for use in 'banger racing', where scrap vehicles are run around a track, or even turned into a garden feature. 
Mr Hack said: ‘It's one of the worst cars we’ve had in part exchange.
‘I thought I was going to lose money on it so thought I’d better do something funny with the advert, to hopefully get more people to see it and have had lots of messages from people saying how funny it is. 
'I was expecting to lose money on it, so I'm very happy it's selling for more than the £300.
'The car came in OK then started misfiring, it did worry me slightly. The inside is a bit horrid, there are bits of chewing gum, sweets and chips and all sorts. It's not very nice.'
Mr Hack added the vehicle, which has done 142,000 miles, has failed its MOT every year for the past six years despite only being 10 years old.
He added: 'It needs to go to a breaker really or someone who goes banger racing, it's the right engine size and they like big vehicles, so it's ideal for them.'
The advert described the back seats, pictured, as being 'kid rodden' and the dealership actually urged customers 'not to buy it'
Another 'feature' of the vehicle is that its sound system, pictured, is stuck on BBC Radio 2
The vehicle has failed its MOT six times before, although it was eventually passed and has a valid certificate until February
The auction ends at just before 1.55pm on November 16 and the buyer is asked to arrange collection or delivery - but is warned against trying to drive it home.
In the advert, Mr Hack wrote: 'I normally start my listings with welcome, on this occasion i'm not going to, not because i am not being polite but merely due to the fact that when you collect this car chances are politeness won't cut it!
'In fact, I urge you not to buy it, I wouldn't, but sadly I have and its now my job to try and persuade you what a good car it is so you part with your hard-earned dosh to relieve us of this burden we have in the back of our yard, which is not only making our forecourt look untidy but also the weeds and trees around where it is currently abandoned.
'Where to start? It drove in well in part-exchange from the last owner a few days ago and since they brought it in its started to misfire.
'We haven't looked at it as spending any more money than the £300 we have spent taking it in would be a crime, a waste of money and a sin on our part.
'Engine and gearbox, well on the plus side this car does start, it does run and it does drive and the clutch and gearbox feel ok, the engine top cover has an oil leak which may be causing the misfire in the plug wells who knows.

What is wrong with the Zafira? 

Oil leak in engine
Broken central locking
Sound system stuck on BBC Radio 2
Dented framework
Exhaust misfires
Rear brake pads wearing thin
Broken engine management light on dashboard
Loose headlamp
Parking brake has little reverse travel
Worn tyres  
The dealership said another use for the vehicle, pictured, would be as a 'rockery' in a garden
The firm added it 'honestly could not say' whether the vehicle, pictured, would be able to get the buyer home upon collection

But despite the litany of faults, customers are showing interest and the current bids have gone above £350, pictured
Mr Hatch even joked the presenters of popular television show Wheeler Dealers, which features old and damaged vehicles being repaired, would refuse the car.
He wrote: 'If Mike Brewer bought this car back for Edd China to fix up you can just imagine Edd China's face, he would be shaking his head asking Mike what has he done.
'If you're in to magic this car is perfect for you! You can cast a spell on it and make it disappear, alternatively you could cut the roof off it, fill it with mud and make a nice rockery with plants out of it in your back garden.
'Should you have any more suggestions as to what this Zafira can be used for send them through to me and I'll post them up under the description.
'Will it get me home I hear you say? I honestly can't answer that for the simple fact that chances are you will hold me to it and I don't want to be held responsible.
'BANGER RACING! Yes that's a good idea you don't need 4 (sic) cylinders for banger racing 3 will do that's a good use for it (sic), take it apart sell the spares and have some fun deliberately crashing into other people (on the track of course) but be careful they have been known to catch fire for no apparent reason.
'The central locking doesn't work but does it really matter? Who's going to steal it? 
'They will take one look through the window at the kid rodden (sic) seats and walk away (that's a definite plus point - hardly stealable (sic))
'It's dented along the nearside rear quarter, the radio doesn't light up but comes on so I'm afraid your stuck with radio 2.
'Service history wise its got a lovely 4 (sic) stamps in 10 years and 142,000 miles so for four years of its life its been very well maintained, a mixture of Kwick Fit (sic), and Halfords Autocentre, need i say more.
Tyres, pictured, are also worn while the brake pads are wearing thing, according to the advert
'On a serious note It would be a great car to take all your stuff to the tip. I don't quite know how you would get it in the skip though, they are quite high up and I think you would have to drain the fluids first.
'In the folder there are various breakdown invoices, diagnostic sheets and repair information.
'This takes me to its last MOT, this is currently valid all the way through until February 7, 2019, there wasn't many advisories on the last MOT just these:-
  • eml [engine management light] on dash[board]
  • Parking brake lever has little reserve travel (3.1.6b)
  • Vehicles internal headlight adjuster altered to recheck lights 
  • Offside headlamp broken but secure when bonnet is closed
  • Rear Brake pad(s) wearing thin (3.5.1g)
  • Oil leak 
  • Offside Front Tyre worn close to the legal limit bald on inner edge 205/55/16 (4.1.E.1)
  • Nearside Rear Inner Road wheel with a slightly distorted bead rim (4.2.A.1a)
'On top of these if you look at the MOT history year-on-year the list of advisories just keep getting longer, some from previous years were even marked as dangerous!
'On that note i would definitely organise transport to pick it up, unless you think of yourself as Dangeorus Brian from back in the 90's. Remember him? If not you're probably too young, google Brian Conley or "dangerous brian"
'Luckily it has no outstanding recalls so chances of catching fire are slim unless you instigate the flames yourself.
The advert added: 'On a serious note It would be a great car to take all your stuff to the tip'
'It's actually only had one company and 1 (sic) private owner, sometimes a good thing, sometimes not. She can't have been able to get rid of it so the poor lady has been stuck with it since 2011!'
Mr Hack said the dealership will accept bank transfers and KESH mobile payment and again warned any buyer against driving their children in the vehicle.
The advert added: 'Good luck and don't all rush at once to put your bids in give the system chance so not to crash it.
'It owes us £300 so I would like to think it would make that but running the risk of it not selling and spending more on it in listing fees, I was going to start at £100 but then I thought "What if it didn't make that, i would still own it?" 
'So I've made it £1 to be sure that it will sell! Any questions please ask and must be collected really as soon as auction ends or a few days after at best as its making the place look untidy.
'Ebay won't let me list this unless i specify returns possible, clearly as you can see I do not want it back no way hosay (sic)!'

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Funniest, Most Accurate Anti-Ocasio-Cortez Cartoon of ALL TIME

The cartoon below is one of the funniest and most deadly accurate anti-Ocasio-Cortez memes we’ve seen in a long time, possibly ever:

Fox News pundit Kat Timpf says she was 'abused and chewed out' of a Brooklyn bar at 2am by an angry patron who attacked her after learning where she worked (3 Pics)

Fox News personality and National Review contributor Kat Timpf was forced to leave a bar in Brooklyn over the weekend after a woman she had never met became enraged upon learning she worked in conservative media.
Timpf, who has twice previously been harassed while socializing in New York City, first described the incident in a Friday night tweet and later expanded on her initial description of the confrontation during a Monday interview with National Review.
After arriving at the bar, Timpf became separated from her friends and found herself in conversation with a man she didn’t know, who inquired about her occupation. Timpf explained that she worked at Fox News and the conversation proceeded unremarkably. A while later, Timpf was confronted by a woman, who, after hearing she worked at Fox News, became enraged and began shouting at her in a threatening manner.
“This girl started going nuts on me, screaming at me to get out of the bar. I found her very threatening,” Timpf said of the woman, whom she had never met before. She said she tried to move to another section of the large bar but the young woman followed her while continuing to scream.
The woman, who was visibly intoxicated at the time, was surrounded by a large group of men and women who all stood by and laughed as she harassed Timpf and followed her around the bar. After realizing no one in the group would defend her in what might become a violent situation, Timpf was forced to flee the bar.
“It was super uncomfortable and I didn’t want things to get physical,” she said.
It’s not the first instance of politically motivated harassment Timpf has dealt with while out in Brooklyn. Last year, an unidentified man dumped a bottle of water on her head while she was preparing to speak at a local campaign event, and she was again harassed while eating at a Manhattan restaurant several months ago.
“This is the third time this has happened to me, so I’m just over it,” she said, adding that she has no plans to limit her public exposure despite the hostility.
“There have been times where I’m hesitant to go out with my glasses because it makes me more recognizable. But I have to live my life, I can’t let this ruin it,” she said.

While high-profile conservatives like Tucker Carlson and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas have encountered a surge in premeditated public harassment of late, Timpf said she is perplexed as to why she would be targeted, considering she doesn’t fall neatly into any political identity.
“I’m not on the left or right so I don’t really understand this,” she said, adding that the individuals who target her never take issue with any of her expressed opinions, but rather are reacting to her professional affiliations.