Wednesday 17 April 2024

Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Pennsylvania State Rep. Kevin Boyle for Allegedly Violating Restraining Order

 The Philadelphia Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Pennsylvania State Rep. Kevin Boyle (D-Philadelphia) after he allegedly violated a restraining order.

While police confirmed to Breitbart News that an “arrest warrant has been issued for a violation of a Protection From Abuse order,” police were unable to “discuss” the details surrounding the Protection From Abuse order.

In 2021, Boyle was arrested and charged with harassment and violating a protection order of abuse filed by his wife.

In February, Boyle went viral after being captured on video at a Philadelphia bar, appearing intoxicated and being argumentative after refusing to leave.

In response to the news about the arrest warrant issued, the Republican candidate running against Boyle to represent District 172, Aizaz Gill, issued a statement labeling it a “sad day” for the community.

“It’s a sad day for our community. As our current State Representative continues to deal with his personal issues – as he should – we are missing the voice, help, and representation we deserve,” Gill wrote in a post on X.

Boyle, who has served in the House since 2011, represents part of Northeast Philadelphia.

In 2020, Boyle urged his colleagues to support legislation requiring the state to mail a ballot to each eligible voter during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Breitbart News reached out to Boyle for a statement but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

Pelosi: Trump Is ‘Palsy-Walsy’ with Putin


Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that former President Donald Trump was “palsy-walsy” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Pelosi said, “What’s at stake is our democracy. I want to thank you for the attention that you have paid to Ukraine. It is all the things that are going, whether in a Manhattan courtroom or in Gaza and the rest, so important there. The attention to Ukraine has been diminished in my view in the press and our country. Nothing less is at stake than our democracy.”

She added, “It’s a tragedy that it has taken this long. I’m so glad, I won’t say glad, at long last, it has happened. The Ukrainians have been remarkable. The countries surrounding it have been taking in refugees, supplying humanitarian assistance and the rest. Those were members of NATO. They know they could be threatened should Putin prevail. Those who are not members of NATO are scared. They made it clear to us that they have propaganda in their own country coming from Russia as well.”

Mitchell said, “I was saying to Chuck Todd a few moments ago that one of the things Donald Trump just said on Friday, I believe, was that no money should go for Ukraine until Europe does something. Europe did $54 billion when this legislation was sitting in the Senate and in the House. Europe did $54 billion. They don’t have the weapons, the air defenses and the ammunition that Zelensky and Ukraine need.”

Pelosi said, “That’s indicative of how irresponsible he has been on this because he is palsy-walsy with Putin for some reason. For him to say that shows his lack of knowledge, his lack of values and quite frankly, his lack of commitment to democracy.”

Bank of America is an active enemy combatant targeting conservatives

 Legislators in Republican-led states want to know why Bank of America continues to de-bank Christians and conservative groups.

In a letter led by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, the dozen some-odd "red" states asked the financial institution to release all documents related to its account cancellation policies. The letter also petitions Bank of America to update its terms of service to prohibit discrimination against clients based on their political or religious affiliation.

The issue came to a head after it was revealed that Bank of America sent the FBI and the U.S. Treasury private consumer financial data to help the two federal agencies investigate crimes related to the January 6 "insurrection" at the United States Capitol.

"Unfortunately, Bank of America appears to be conditioning access to its services on customers having the bank's preferred religious or political views," Kobach's letter, addressed to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, reads.

"Your discriminatory behavior is a serious threat to free speech and religious freedom, is potentially illegal, and is causing political and regulatory backlash."

Kobach's letter is co-signed by officials from the states of Alaska, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, Texas and Utah.


Financial discrimination

In a statement to the Daily Mail Online (United Kingdom), Bank of America claimed that "religious beliefs are not a factor in any account-closing decision." 

"We are proud to provide banking services to non-profit organizations affiliated with diverse faith communities throughout the United States," the bank further added.

The letter's signatories disagree with this claim, stating that Bank of America de-banked two Christian ministry groups, Timothy Two Project International and Indigenous Advance, as well as the Memphis, Tenn.-based church Servants of Christ.

According to Kobach, Timothy Two Project International had its account canceled by Bank of America for "operating a business type we have chosen not to service." A similar thing happened to Indigenous Advance, which had its account canceled because the group's operation "no longer aligns with the bank's risk tolerance."

According to Bank of America, the reason for Indigenous Advance's cancellation is that it operates a business in Uganda, and the bank does not "serve small businesses operating outside the United States."

As for Servants of Christ, its Bank of America account was cancelled because it was deemed to be "the wrong 'business type,'" according to Kobach.

"Bank of America is exposing itself to numerous legal risks by engaging in de-banking," Kobach's letter continues. "It is opening itself up to potential legal liability under consumer protection and antidiscrimination laws, and creating substantial regulatory and political risk from states that are already taking action to stop debanking."

"Financial institutions set the stage for politicized de-banking by adopting vague and subjective 'reputational risk' policies and prohibitions on 'hate' that are susceptible to abuse."

The letter comes as the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government continues to probe numerous institutions that have a relationship with federal officials.

A U.S. Treasury memo that circulated to banks around the time of the January 6 "insurrection" also pegged Bass Pro Shops and Dick's Sporting Goods as engaging in transactions that possibly showed signs of "extremism," the suggestion being that they, too, needed to be canceled.

House investigations are also ongoing into the crowdfunding sites GoFundMe and Eventbrite, both of which were pegged as having possible involvement in "extremism."

"You appear to be using this power to punish conservative and religious customers by handing their data over to federal law enforcement and even cancelling their accounts," Kobach further said to Bank of America.

"This not only undermines free speech and religious freedom, but also is potentially illegal and could lead to investigations, litigation, regulation, and political backlash."

Denver to shell out an additional $3.2M in taxpayer dollars to “temporarily” house 200 illegals

 The City of Denver is set to approve a request for $3.2 million in additional funding to provide temporary housing for approximately 200 illegal immigrants seeking to establish long-term residences in the United States.

The funding, requested by the Denver City Council's Safety, Housing, Education and Homelessness Committee, would temporarily house 200 illegals – composed of single parents, pregnant women and several families with young children – in the Mullen Home on 3629 West 29th Avenue.

The Mullen Home is a long-term care facility run by the Catholic Charities and Community Services of the Archdiocese of Denver Inc. (CCD), a non-profit run by the Catholic Church. The home was originally run by the Catholic women's religious organization, the Little Sisters of the Poor, and was meant to be a place to care for poor elderly individuals. It was repurposed in December 2022 to house newly arrived illegal immigrants.

According to the city documents, Denver, along with CCD, is set to approve the $3.2 million additional funding request and contract on April 17.

The proposed contract with the CCD spans from March 23 until Dec. 31 of this year and includes funding for providing temporary family housing, site operations and management, staffing, supplies, daily operations and provision of food for 200 people and babies experiencing homelessness, distributed across 90 units.

"This contract is for the operation of the site of the former Mullen Home. We are currently utilizing that facility as a source of bridge housing for families with children who need additional time to transition from shelter into sustainability," the city government said in a statement. "We recognize that everything is more difficult when it involves children, so we try to provide added support where we can." 

Furthermore, the official website of Denver reveals that the city has already expended over $63 million on supporting more than 40,000 "newcomers" as of April 1.

Denver cuts spending on vital city services to provide for illegals

In March, the Denver City Council amended its contract with Colorado Hospitality Services Inc. The city allocated an additional $450,000 for meals in migrant shelters across the city, bringing the total to $925,000.

The amendment, valid until March 31, was a response to the continued high occupancy in shelters and the escalating need to feed illegal immigrants. Originally, a request for $100,000 was made on Dec. 1, 2023, which later escalated to a plea to double the budget to $950,000, before settling at the current total.

According to the data from the office of Democrat Mayor Mike Johnston, these services amount to a staggering $42 million in costs to provide for nearly 40,000 illegal immigrants since the crisis began.

However, all these services provided to illegals are coming at the cost of vital city services.  

For instance, Johnston recently announced that he was cutting $5 million from the funding of Denver Motor Vehicle offices and the Denver Parks and Recreation to aid illegal immigrants.

Moreover, the city, which is now currently facing a nearly $60 million budget deficit, still needs to pay over $100 million in 2025 for the city to maintain current services provided for illegal immigrants.

Denver Mayor Defunds Police by $8 Million to Take Care of Illegal Border Crossers


Denver’s Democrat mayor, Mike Johnston, has cut funding to the city’s police department by $8 million in order to take care of people who entered the country illegally.

This is not the first time Johnston has done this. He was already making cuts to city services back in February for the same reason.

So the influx of illegal aliens makes the city less safe and then the mayor cuts funding to the police making the city even less safe.

What could possibly go wrong?


FOX News reports:

Blue city mayor defunds police force by more than $8 million to aid migrants

A Democrat-controlled city announced $45 million in funding for programs to help deal with the skyrocketing number of migrant arrivals it is facing, resulting in over $8 million in budget cuts for the police department. 

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced last week a package of $45.9 million to fully fund programs for “newcomers” for 2024 and avoid worst-case scenarios projected by the city. That’s in addition to $44 million in spending already secured for the program through previous budget moves. 

Spending on migrants in the city skyrocketed last year from $2 million a month in August to $15 million in December. In January, migrant numbers peaked at around 5,000 in shelters but have since dropped to around 1,000, according to official figures.

“After more than a year of facing this crisis together, Denver finally has a sustainable plan for treating our newcomers with dignity while avoiding the worst cuts to city services,” Johnston said. 

The mayor’s office says it will avoid layoffs or furloughs of employees, but there will still be cuts to find the extra $45.9 million in funding. The mayor’s office will see its budget cut by nearly 10%.

Taxpayers in Denver should be outraged.

If Colorado somehow goes red in November, this will be one of main reasons why.

SoCal: Owner of Multimillion Dollar Newport Beach Mansion Shoots Armed Home Invader


Orange County, California – A Newport Coast homeowner opened fire on armed home invaders early Tuesday morning prompting a huge police response. 

Newport Beach Police received a 911 call from a Newport Coast resident at approximately 4:45 am on Tuesday regarding a home invasion in an exclusive neighborhood in Pelican Heights.

Two women, one man, and one juvenile were inside the home at the time of the invasion. They were not injured. 

Someone from inside of the multimillion-dollar home shot one of the two home invasion suspects. Police found one suspect lying in the street with a handgun suffering from gunshot wounds. 

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department SWAT team was also on the scene.


A second suspect was located in the bushes nearby with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Police said he is deceased.

According to police, the home invasion was not random. The homeowner and the home invasion suspects knew each other. No further details about their connection were released to the public.

Newport Beach police repeatedly stressed that it was a targeted home invasion and that there was no threat to the community. 

“We know that there’s a relationship between the suspects, the two suspects, and the victims, the residents,” said Newport Beach PD Sgt. Steve Oberon.

“Most of these communities, especially up at Pelican Heights – these are gated communities with guards patrolling this area 24 hours a day and police stress that these suspects had a connection to the homeowner – to the people inside the home and that’s how most likely how they were able to get in,” Fox 11 reporter Gigi Graciette reported.

Newport Beach Mayor Will O’Neill praised the homeowner for protecting his property and family.

“I can tell you right now if you come into Newport Beach to commit a crime, we will defend ourselves, and today is an example of that,” Mayor Will O’Neill said.

Police said Tuesday morning’s invasion was not connected to South American gangs and theft rings that have targeted homes in Orange County.

More on this story from Fox 11 Los Angeles:

Taiwan Sets the Bar on Respecting Freedom of Speech While Shutting Down Chinese Election Interference



A well-attended press conference took place at the National Press Club in Washington on April 8. Experts shared the essential learning points on how Taiwan conducted a successful presidential election in the face of a concerted, malign influence campaign waged by communist China through online methods enabled by collaborators inside Taiwan.

Russell Hsiao, executive director of the Global Taiwan Institute, led a panel of experts that included Yang Shun-Ching of Doublethink Labs, Yu Chihhao of Taiwan Information Environment Research Center, Eve Chiu of Taiwan Fact Check Center, Billion Lee of Cofacts, and Liu Wen-Ping of the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau.

The group presented multiple points of view on how the Chinese regime attempted to interfere based on observation and analysis. The slide shows displayed exemplars and “data-driven” analysis of Chinese manipulation of social media and cognitive warfare. The basic objective of the Chinese efforts was to sow distrust and division among the Taiwanese population and influence the outcome of the presidential election.

TikTok Played a Key Role

Social media, laced with artificial intelligence-enabled manipulations of media, were the tip of the spear of the Chinese efforts. TikTok was the most malign of the Chinese social media campaigns, but often, there was strong synchronization of messaging across YouTube, Douyin (China’s domestic version of TikTok), and TikTok itself.

Ms. Chiu showed examples of this messaging. U.S. political figures such as presumptive GOP nominee and former President Donald Trump and Rep. Rob Wittman (R-Va.) had their English language and Mandarin-translated voice tracks altered.


One of the AI-altered TikTok videos with Mr. Wittman showed him voicing support for Democratic Progressive Party candidate William Lai, while the original video clip showed the congressman talking about Ukraine—meaning that the altered video had been manipulated from a totally different topic.

Influencers also played a key role on TikTok and repeated the same talking points between the different influencer personalities. Mr. Yang presented an example of a TikTok influencer who had previously focused on fashion and started sharing messages questioning the integrity of the Taiwanese election process and alleging electoral fraud.

Ms. Lee shared that AI-enabled, tailored targeting appeared to be part of the TikTok deliverable. Ten percent of the messages were designed (tailored) to be distinct and explicitly meant for individual recipients. This percentage will likely increase with growing capabilities in harnessing big data, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence on scale.

Fear, Doubt, and Divisiveness to Throw the Election Fell Short

The psychological operation and cognitive warfare campaign objective of the Chinese flow of messages was primarily intended to favor the Kuomintang party through a focus on fear, doubt, and divisiveness.

One of the ugliest and most pernicious themes pushed were smears of the growing Indian population doing high-tech work in the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. chip factories and other labor categories such as construction. The messages were intentionally designed to create fear that Taiwanese women would be targeted in sexual assaults by this imported labor that has become necessary because of labor shortages and low birth rates in Taiwan.

One curious theme was the planted messages that U.S. pork was contaminated, low quality, or had other negative attributes. This theme was perhaps a double-edged sword or not fully thought out. The Chinese population depends heavily on U.S.-imported pork. Should the Chinese not trust U.S. pork or the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?

One semi-comical attempted smear was aimed at Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and looked like a typical American political attack ad, in which her picture in color would be reshown in black and white with vague intimations that some sinister secret double life was being led, yet with scant detail behind the allegation.

The spectrum and volume of messaging were designed to create a questioning of the Taiwanese democratic political process with the hopeful leap of conclusion that the target audience would somehow change their mind and rally to the CCP totalitarianism model.

Freedom of Speech and Simultaneous Mitigation of Election Interference Are Possible

What was common among the presenters was respect for the difference between political dissent and willful malign Chinese interference. One important observation from Mr. Liu was the key role that on-the-ground collaborators played. They helped focus, clarify, distribute, and adjust the messaging. The money trail seemed to be the primary evidence for identifying Chinese collaborators.

During the press conferences before the January Taiwanese election, Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Wu cited multiple arrests for violating Taiwanese laws forbidding the acceptance of foreign money for political activities.  The Taiwanese showed a remarkable ability to discriminate their activities and allow political discourse to occur while successfully identifying and interdicting malign CCP influence operations.

The Taiwan experience is rich with lessons learned that can be applied to the upcoming U.S. presidential election. In Taiwan, there appears to be a healthy respect for and appreciation of the vital necessity for an election process that is as clean as possible.  The comments on how highly the Chinese valued on-the-ground collaborators to refine the effectiveness of their cognitive warfare campaign bring even more concern, focus, and action that should be applied to the relentless surge of Chinese nationals who appear to be military operators streaming across the southern border into the United States.

All viewpoints are personal and do not reflect the viewpoints of any organization.

This article first appeared in Epoch Times and was reprinted with permission.