Monday 27 November 2017

3 Teens Plotted to Kill New Classmate Who 'Disrupted' Social Order: Police

Three teenagers were discovered to have allegedly plotted to murder a classmate who they said “disrupted the flow” of social order at their Washington State school, authorities said. 
Two boys and one girl, all 16, are accused of planning to kill an 18-year-old classmate who was new to Kiona-Benton City High School, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office said.  
The teens planned to lure the victim to the back of Ki-Be Red Apple Market on Horne Drive, where they would attack him and stab him with a knife during lunch on Nov. 15, officials said.  
The plan unraveled when two students not involved in the plot saw someone wearing a red mask in the orchard behind the market, police said. 
The students challenged the masked person, who fled into the orchard, cops said.
 The intended victim went to the market and back to school without being harmed. 
 School officials learned of the incident that same day and the next day, a boy and girl were emergency expelled. 
 Police said they were informed of the incident on Tuesday. 
 The following day a third student was found to have been allegedly involved in the plot. 
The intended victim was new to the high school and “disrupted the flow” of the social order, Sgt. Bob Brockman told the Tri-City Herald
 In a statement obtained by the paper, Kiona-Benton City School District Superintendent Wade Haun said that a school official was “made aware that certain district students may have discussed a plan to harm another student.”
 “The matter was immediately looked into, the sheriff’s department contacted and students were emergency expelled,” the statement said.   
It was not immediately clear if the students allegedly involved in the plot faced any criminal charges.  
The Benton County Sheriff’s Office said the investigation is ongoing and urged anyone with knowledge of the incident to contact them immediately.

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