Sunday 26 November 2017

'I'm Tired of You All.' Man Kills 8-Year-Old Twin Boys and Himself in Fire, Police Say

Greek police say an air force non-commissioned officer has set fire to his apartment, killing himself and his 8-year-old twin boys.
Greece’s fire service said Saturday that the father and his children were found unresponsive because of the smoke that overwhelmed them and declared dead upon arriving at a hospital.
Police who searched the apartment said they found a note scrawled on the wall with a felt pen, reading “I’m tired of you all” as well as several post-it notes, including a rant against the man’s stepfather-in-law.
The 43-year-old man had been divorced from his wife, who recently had been granted custody of the twins. The children were on scheduled visit with their father.
Police say the man had locked the door to the children’s bedroom so they couldn’t escape.

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