Tuesday 19 December 2017

Famous Musicians With Their Parents

David Crosby with his father, Floyd, in father's house in California.
Folk musician Donovan with parents Donald and Winifred Leitch in their home in England.
The Jacksons, including parents Katherine and Joe. Circa 1971
Richard and Mildred Havens with their son Richie Havens posing in their apartment in Brooklyn, New York.
Frank Zappa together with his father, Francis, and mother, Rosemary in their eclectic Los Angeles living room.
Grace Slick posing pregnant together with mother Virginia Wing.
Grace Slick with her mother after the birth of her daughter, China.
Joe Cocker and his mother Marjorie. 1970, Sheffield, England.
Eric Clapton and his grandmother Rose Clapp in the house he bought her in Surrey.
Elton John with his mother Sheila and step brother Fred Fairebrother. London.

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