Monday 18 December 2017

Meet 10 Real Life Cyborgs

It’s already the 21st century, and technology is starting to get really creepy – in a pretty cool way. Check out some of the wildest real life cyborgs that are walking among us as we speak.

 Rob Spence

Rob Spence had a “gun accident” when he was 13 years old which resulted in the loss of one of his eyes. That'll teach you whippersnappers to play with BB guns. Rob now is developing a camera eye to replace his charmingly old fashioned glass eye.

Steve Mann

Another eyeball cyborg, except Steve Mann still has both of his eyes – he just wants them to work better. His EyeTap Digital Eye Glass technology allows him to record everything from his own perspective and “augment” reality with a computerized visual overlay.

Stelios Arcadiou

This dude is weird. He's a performance artist who had a human ear grafted onto his forearm, and boy does it look creepy. What is it with artists and ears? And no, he can't hear out of it.

Jerry Jalava

Jerry is probably the most “low tech” cyborg on the list, but man is he cool – he lost a finger in a motorcycle accident, and instead of getting a boring old prosthetic finger, he got one with a working USB flash drive. Yes, this guy has a hard drive in his finger. You can't help but wonder how the ladies react to that one.

Michael Chorost

Chorost is one of a handful of hearing-disabled individuals with a surgically implanted “hearing aid” (one of the others being none other than Rush Limbaugh). Except that Chorost, before receiving the implants, wascompletely deaf.

Jesse Sullivan

Jesse lost both of his arms when he was working on a transformer... and it was struck by lightening. Talk about bad luck. He now has a pair of bionic arms, and get this – he can control one of them with his mind.

Cameron Clapp

In an incredibly tragic tale, Clapp lost consciousness as a teenager, right on a set of railroad tracks (smoking “jazz cigarettes” with your pals out by the railroad tracks = bad idea). He now has a pair of prosthetic legs, which he controls with his mind and a computer processor.

Oscar Pistorius

It's Olympics season, and Oscar Pistorius won't be participating in the sprinting competition. No, that's not a cruel joke – the administrators of the Olympics actually disallowed Pistorius to enter, because his artificial legs made him far too fast.

Kevin Warwick

Ah, Kevin Warwick. If you're familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, Star Trek, or you enjoyed the original Battlestar Galactica more than the badass remake, you've probably heard of Kevin Warwick, and possibly idolized him at some point. For many years he's been experimenting with a variety of implants and cyborg technology, including controlling robots with his mind.

Any Woman Treated by Dr. Stuart Meloy

We saved the best for last. Dr. Stuart Meloy originally practiced medicine in order to help female chronic pain patients. He would implant electrodes into their spine, hoping to stimulate the right nerves and reduce their pain. Well, he certainly did that, since he discovered a way to induce orgasms. The device developed as a result of this discovery has been a commercial success – ever the classy and dignified fellow, he named it “The Orgasmatron.” Nice.

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