Wednesday 27 December 2017

The Weird World We Live In! (17 Pics)

A Wellington NZ truck driver nearly died of being inflated like a human balloon. Steven McCormack fell onto the brass fitting of an air compresser which pierced his buttock and forced air into his body at 100psi. Doctors said the air had separated the fat from the muscle in his body, but had fortunately not entered his blood stream. 
Zombie Fungus found in the Brazilian Rain Forest infects an ant, and then takes over its brain. The Zombie Fungus then kills the ant once it causes it to move the fungus to an ideal location for the fungi to grow and spread its spores.
The entire police force in a Hungarian town quit after winning more than 15 million on the lottery in 2009. The squad in Budaors resigned immediately after scooping the jackpot
22 year old Brooke Collins saved her dog from being eaten by a bear... BY PUNCHING IT IN THE FACE. She didn't see the bear outside when she let Fudge out to play. When he darted out the door barking insanely, she looked across the yard and saw him being picked up and bitten in the neck by a bear... Fudge only sustained minor injuries.
Lizzie Velazquez of Austin, Texas is one of three people in the world with a rare condition that doesn't allow her to gain weight. As a result, she eats every 15 minutes just to stay alive.
A stockpile of dollar coins worth more than 1.1 billion is languishing in storage because Americans prefer dollar bills. If stacked, the pile of coins would reach 7 times higher than the International Space Station.
Kittiwat Unarrom creates gruesome severed body parts... out of bread. All of his bread sculptures are sold at a bakery run by his Thai family and are completely edible. They taste just like normal bread!
In 2013, twins Amy and Katie Elliot were born 87 days apart due to complications during the pregnancy. Little Amy was born 23 weeks into the pregnancy at only 1lb and 3oz. 87 days later, Katie was ready to join the family at 5lb and 10oz. They are both healthy!
Firefighters who responded to a hotel blaze stumbled across a blood spattered room filled with bottles of alcohol and a piece of a scalp. Detectives had spent 8 hours of overtime investigating before Chief Blyth realised the blood wasn't real and the room was in fact a two year old leftover set from the movie New Terminal Hotel starring Corey Haim. The hotel owner, Kirk Pyros, left the room untouched in case they had to return for re-shoots.
Infamous Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar once burned more than 1.5 million in cash to keep his daughter Manuela warm during a single night on the run. When he realized his daughter was suffering from hypothermia at his mountain hideout, he lit a bonfire using wads of US dollars.
The Mexican internet provider Terra has come up with an innovative way to make you clean up after your dog. Drop your dog poop into one of the designated bins around the city and it will provide free WiFi. It's set at about 20 minutes of WiFi per 68 grams of poop.
Human "pushers" are hired to work on Tokyo's subway systems to help cram more people into their overcrowded train cars.
This is Kabang, the dog... And he's a hero. In December of 2011, Dina, 9 and Princess, 3 were crossing a street in the Phillipines when their family dog saw a motorcycle barreling towards them. He lept in front of the motorcycle knocking the motorist off the bike and catching her upper snout in the wheel.
El Diablo Restaurant is situated at the top of an ACTIVE volvano and has been operating without incident since the 1970's... They actually use an open pit leading to the core of the volcano as their cooking appliance.
The circular dining room offers panoramic views of the ''post-apocolyptic'' scenery.
A woman in Russia suffering from Gestational Diabetes gave birth to a 19.2 pound baby! The condition can cause a baby to grow too large... As obviously shown by the picture. These babies are exactly the same age. OUCH.
Created on a whim, the Facebook page ''Can this pickle get more likes than Nickleback?'' has managed to achieve its goal. Based off of the number of facebook fans, the pickle has managed to pull ahead of the band by tens of thousands. The lead singer of Nickleback, Chad Kroeger, didn't find this funny and reacted by threatening the woman who made the pickle page and posting repeatedly on the page about how awesome his music is.

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