Thursday 14 December 2017

Weird One-Of-A-Kind Buildings From Around The World (31 Pics)

Reversible Destiny Lofts-Mitaka, Japan
Piano shaped building-Huainan, China
The Basket Building-Ohio, United States
Hang Nga Guesthouse a.k.a Crazy House-Vietnam
The Crooked House-Sopot, Poland
Cubic Houses-Rotterdam, Netherlands
Device to Root Out Evil-Vancouver, Canada
Elephant Building-Bangkok, Thailand
Erwin Wurm House Attack-Viena, Austria
Ferdinand Cheval Palace a.k.a Ideal Palace-France
Forest Spiral-Darmstadt, Germany
Guitar Museum-Tennessee, USA
Habitat 67-Montreal, Canada
House Between The Rocks-France
Kansas City Public Library-Missouri, United States
Nakagin Capsule Tower-Tokyo, Japan
The Hole House-Texas, USA
The Big Pineapple-Nambour, Queensland
Puzzling World Lake Wanaka-Otago, New Zealand
The Sheep Building-Tirau, Waikato, New Zealand
Stone House-Guimares, Portugal
Shark Bar-Perm, Russia
Teakettle Building-Rockbridge County, VA, USA
The Torre Galatea Figueres-Spain
Upside Down House-Szymbark, Poland
The Ufo House-Sanjhih, Taiwan
Wonder Egg-Ishigakijima Island,Japan
The Amazing Flying House-Sarzana, Italy
The Bank of Asia a.k.a Robot Building-Bangkok, Thailand
Low impact woodland house-Wales, UK
Wooden Gagster House-Archangelsk, Russia

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