Saturday 27 January 2018

30 Rare Historical Photos Proving Humans Have Always Been Weird

Most of these pictures date from the early 1900s before and after the two World Wars, a time when everyone needed just a little bit of laughter to get them across the terrible times that were upon them. 
Teachers getting wasted on Spring Break. [1910]
Dog posing with a pipe. [1875]
Schoolyard children learning how to swim despise their lack of access to water. [1922]
Stockholm’s Telefontornet, connecting over 5000 telephone lines in the city. [1890]

Sean Connery signing a coconut for a little Jamaican fan on the set of Dr. No. [1962]

Elephant used to load supplies onto an American plane. [1945]

The Ku Klux Klan attending a carnival in Canon City. [1925]

President Lyndon B. Johnson in his amphibious car, with which he used to prank visitors at his ranch by driving it straight into the lake. [1965]

British Soldiers with captured German Goliath tank busters, which would drive under tanks and explode. [c. 1939-1945]

German soldier posing his dog for a photo. [1940]

12,500 officers, nurses and soldiers from Camp Gordon form a human eagle. [1918]

A few months later their record is overtaken by 30,000 men from Camp Custer.

Four horsemen riding down the streets of Amsterdam during a ‘motor-less day’, when cars were prohibited due to the oil crisis. [1973]

After realizing that poor women were using the flour sacks to make clothing for their children some flour mills started using flowered fabric for their sacks. [1939]

Ringling Brothers Circus elephant exiting a train car. [1963]

British Bulldog guards his home barricaded during the Blitz. [c. 1939-1945]
Edward Llewellen’s catches the world’s Biggest black sea bass, weighting in at 425 lbs, bringing it home by himself. [1903]

Woman riding a very early electric scooter. [1916]

Patricia O’Keefe, a female bodybuilder, weighing in just 64 pounds, gives a 200 pound man a piggyback ride. [1940]

Testing a new prototype for a football helmet. [1912]

Miss Perfect Posture contest winners at a chiropractors convention. [1956] The girls had to stand on two scales, one foot on each and the winners were those registering perfect 50-50 weight distribution demonstrating a perfect posture.

Soldiers using gas masks to stop themselves from crying while peeling onions. [1941]

Doctor Moody Jacobs shows a giant bruise on the side his patient, Ann Hodges, the only person in history to have been struck by a meteorite. [1954]

The day Sweden switched which side of the road they drive on. [1967]

Police officer judging an ankle competition in London. [1930]

Australia’s New South Wales police turn their motorcycles into chariots and race each other. [1936]

Woodsmen in Montana advertising for wives. [1901]

Boy Scouts examining their boots after the 8,000 mile hike towards the first Boy Scout Jamboree; walking 25 miles a day for two years. [1920]

Boy standing next to his riding boar. [c. 1930s]

US Marine, Pacific Islands, poses for the camera. [c. 1941 – 1945]

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