Wednesday 3 January 2018

Cat Owners Will Agree That This Is Why Cats Rule (25 Pics )

Because they need our pets (REALLY BADLY): 
Endless laser pointer fun:
Because they put up with our shenanigans:
Oh! And the butt wiggle:
So we always have someone to come home to:
For saving our seats when we leave the room for one second:
To protect us from bugs:

…And birds:

…And anything else that dares trespass in the yard:

Because their little faces are Facebook gold:

So we can dress them up in clothes:
Unlike dogs, they’re just as lazy as we are:
To keep us warm at night:
To help unroll the toilet paper:
Because of the head bonk:
…And the body roll:
Attacking pens (so we don’t have to):
To entertain the kids:
Because they love us no matter what:
And sometimes the adorable is almost too much to handle:
Because they’re there for us when we’re young:
…And still there when we’re old:
To help keep our boxes from floating away:

…And the head tilt:

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