Wednesday 24 January 2018

Clever Ways to Use Vaseline You’ve Never Thought of Before

Everyone and their brother’s dog has a jar of Vaseline in their house. But is everyone using it to its full potential? As it turns out, that little pot of goop does more than just help smooth over dry skin. In fact, some of its uses can help you live a healthier life! Here are just a few clever ways to use Vaseline, some of which you’ve probably never heard of before.

Remove stains from clothes 

You may not think that pile of dirty, stained laundry is a big deal. But, in addition to displaying poor personal hygiene, stains on clothes an also attracted unwanted bacteria. Skip the expensive trip to the dry-cleaners and use Vaseline to remove stains caused by paint or even lipstick. If you accidentally use too much and create a petroleum jelly spot, soap and hot water can help remove it. 

Preserve razors 

Cutting yourself with a dull razor doesn’t just lead to annoying nicks and cuts. (More on those in just a minute.) Shaving mishaps also open your skin up to all different kind of bacteria. To keep your razor fresher and safer for longer, apply Vaseline to clean blades to preserve them. Make sure the razor is dry when you apply it though — gooping wet blades can lead to rust and defeats the whole purpose! 

Heal small cuts 

Unfortunately, we don’t always have a tube of Neosporin handy when you get a paper cut or razor burn. In this case, a layer of petroleum jelly works wonders. It helps give the wound a protective layer and can help stop bleeding. It also keeps the skin around the wound hydrated so that new cells can grow. 

Make perfume or cologne last 

Is you or someone you know tired of blowing through an expensive bottle of perfume or cologne because the smell doesn’t last long enough? Applying just a little bit of Vaseline to pulse points and behind the ears beforeapplying your go-to scent helps it stay on your skin and last longer. 

Rescue cuticles 

Cuticles are sensitive. But as Livestrong tells us, Vaseline can help them stay in tip-top shape. Applying a thin layer to dried cuticles can help keep them from cracking, or make them easier to groom. For ladies getting a manicure, a little jelly on the cuticles helps keep nail polish from dripping off the nail and down the finger. Applying a little jelly to nail beds before going to bed is an even better way of always keeping cuticles hydrated. 

Ensure that a self-tan is flawless 

Getting an even self-tan can be a pain in the behind. But there is a way that you can prepare yourself for a fake sun-kissed glow without looking like a mess. Applying a layer of jelly to elbows and knees helps you get an even layer of faux tan. A little Vaseline on scars and other dry patches on your body can help prevent streaking or patchiness. 

Soothe cracked feet 

While not the most unusual way to use Vaseline, this trick will get your feet happy in no time. This can be especially helpful during the long cold winter when your feet a constantly covered in socks, becoming dry and more susceptible to crack and fungus. Layer jelly on your feet before going to bed, and wear soft, thin socks to trap the smoothing properties in. 

Prevent lipstick teeth 

Lipstick-stained teeth isn’t a good look on anyone. And frankly, there’s no nutritional benefit in lipstick that makes it smart to lick it off your chompers and swallow it. Take a cue from makeup artists and beauty pageant participants everywhere, and apply a thin layer of Vaseline to teeth when applying the trendiest dark lipstick to protect your pearly whites. 

Aid stubborn earrings 

Too much toying around with earrings can hurt and irritate your earlobes, especially if your ears are extra sensitive. Plus, to much fussing around with a piercing can even lead to an infection. To keep your jewelry game smooth and safe, apply a small amount of Vaseline to studs and hooks so they slide in and out of your ear without any trouble. The jelly then doubles as a healing agent if your ear piercing gets irritated or wounded. 

Moisturize your pooch’s paws 

Vaseline doesn’t just help humans soothe dry skin. It can help your pets too! A layer of jelly can help heal your dog’s paws if it has been walking on rough surfaces, or exposed to extreme heat or cold. Putting a little Vaseline on even before going for a walk can help protect the paws. Just keep an eye on your pet afterwards so it doesn’t lick it all off. 

Keep hair dye off your forehead 

Is there anything more annoying than dying your hair and getting color on your forehead or neck? A nice thin layer of Vaseline is all you need around your hairline to keep dye from dripping onto your skin and leaving an annoying stain. 

Make hair healthier 

Humidity-prone frizz and split ends plague everyone’s hair, no matter your gender or the length of your coif. Working a little Vaseline into your hair with your fingers helps tame flyaways and keeps dry, split ends healthier between haircuts. Just don’t apply a ton of jelly right at our scalp — it makes your hair greasy! 

Keep bottles from sticking shut 

It’s annoying when bottles of nail-polish and other gooey substances get stuck closed and won’t screw open. It’s even more annoying when your constant effort to open said bottles leaves your with irritated skin and blistered hands. But applying a little Vaseline before screwing a cap back on can help keep a bottle from getting stuckclosed. 

Shine boots 

Products used to shine shoes and clean leather products can be harmful to both you and the environment. Take a more healthy and eco-friendly approach by using Vaseline instead. breaks down a shoe shine technique using household items, and ending with a petroleum jelly shining process. 

Keep car batteries from corroding  

Battery corrosion is not something you want touching your skin, as it can burn. (And it’s even worse if it gets into your eyes or into an open wound.) To prevent corrosion all together, Reader’s Digest suggests unplugging and cleaning battery terminals before winter hits. Then plug back in, and smear with Vaseline.

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