Tuesday 30 January 2018

Do These 10 Things To Stay Energized All Day

Pure determination and coffee can’t keep you energized all day. Coffee may give you an energy boost every now and then but it can also make you lose sleep.
If you want to stay energetic all day, work on forming new habits. Below are simple things you can start doing today to feel energetic any time of day.

1. Practice deep belly breathing

Most of us don’t realize how powerful breathing is. One deep breath can improve your mood and make you feel relaxed.
If you’ve never practiced deep belly breathing, start with 5-minute sessions and increase duration as time goes by. Make deep belly breathing part of your morning routine. You can also use it to calm your nerves before a presentation.

2. Take short walks

Walking does more than burn calories. It can boost your mood and give you a sustained energy boost. In this study, researchers found that walking for 10 minutes boosts energy more than consuming 50mgs of caffeine.
Take short walks during breaks or climb up and down the stairs for 10 minutes.

3. Do chest-opening stretches

Did you know that slouching causes low energy? Luckily, chest-opening stretches can undo the effects of slouching.
If you sit at a desk all day, these stretches can do wonders for you. And the best part is you can do them while sitting at your desk.

4. Avoid sugar drinks

I’ve heard people say they drink sodas to boost energy. While in reality, sodas and other sugary beverages cause low energy.
Sugary drinks give you an energy boost that lasts for an hour or so, and then it’s followed by low energy and bad mood. You’re better off drinking fruit infused water if you want to boost energy.

5. Drink nutrient dense smoothies

Sometimes we lack energy because of nutrient deficiency. Drinking smoothies loaded with vitamins and minerals will give you all the nutrients your body is lacking.
Smoothies are better than solid food since the body absorbs the nutrients faster. Have you tried any of these breakfast smoothies?

6. Take a nap

If you’re feeling low in the afternoon, find a place to lie down for 10 to 20 minutes and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed. Research shows that a 10-minute nap can improve brain performance and increase alertness.
It’s advisable to keep your naps short – less than 30 minutes. Anything longer than that can disrupt your sleeping pattern.

7. Practice proper sitting posture

Not only does poor sitting posture cause back pain, it can also make you feel drained. Keeping your back straight and slightly leaning back will keep you energetic all day.

8. Spend time in nature

Research shows that spending 20 minutes in nature can make you feel more alive. In fact, the studies showed that it’s more energizing than socializing or exercising.
If you have time, go for a walk in the park after work.  Doing this will boost both your mental and physical health.

9. Drink lots of water

Dehydration can make you feel weak and drained. Make sure you drink 2-3 liters of water a day. Use these tips to drink more water every day.

10. Have fun with coworkers

It’s important to build good relationships with coworkers since you spent 8 hours with them every day. Make an effort to know them and their families.
Doing fun activities together will make your office life more enjoyable. According to this study, people who are friendly with coworkers live longer.

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