Friday 12 January 2018

Man With 18 Cats Remodels His Home Into An Amazing Feline Playground Paradise (34 Pics)

A man with 18 cats has remodeled his 4-bedroom, 2.5 bath home in Goleta, California into a feline playground paradise, complete with a spiral stairway, aerial walkways, climbing poles and a brand new HVAC system. The remodeling was done by Trillium Enterprises, who describe the home as a “Garden Oasis“.

A peaceful place to getaway from it all; this four bedroom, two and a half bathroom home has been transformed into an oasis full of life. Plants, animals, playful colors, and every electronic gadget you can think of has been incorporated into every aspect of this home. From the underwater camera in the Koi pond, to the built in cat walks and fully integrated appliances this home meets every imagination.

The renovation cost about $35,000. While this may seem excessive to some, the fact is that he’s giving 18 cats a very happy home.

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