Monday 26 February 2018

Incredible Porsche Bike

They started out with this quadracycle. This thing is pretty big, but would provide a suitable frame for the project.

They then created a cardboard templates of a scale Porsche 911. This is what they are going to turn the quadracycle in to!

Here is the quadracycle with all the templates placed around the frame of the bike. This is what will be used to give the bike the shape of a Porsche 911.

This is where the real work starts. The actual body of the car will be formed by PVC pipe running along the contours of the cardboard that create the shape of the car.

The PVC pipes are held together by simple shipping tape. This would definitely be a painstaking process for sure. The cardboard templates guide the builders to where the PVC should be fitted.

This is the rear end with all the cardboard templates removed. This thing is literally held together by a mass amount of tape.

The designers of this project definitely did their homework when constructing the cardboard templates. This thing sure is starting to take shape quite nicely.

They even added a spoiler to give it an even more authentic look! This is where they started covering the body with tape to seal everything up.

They fit working tail lights into the back. This thing is going to be very close to the real deal.

The headlights came next. I’m still astonished by how detailed the body is with just PVC pipe creating the look.

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