Thursday 8 February 2018

Replace Your Coffee with… Beets?

Giving up coffee can be tough. There is something so special about ordering a beautifully crafted, foamy latte from your favorite cafe; sipping it carefully so as not to distort the incredible microfoam art too greatly. And let’s not forget the incredible productivity boost a midday caffeine break can offer! But, the fact of the matter is sometimes we all could use a mindful break from coffee.
Worry not! Just because you are giving up caffeine for a while doesn’t mean you have to give up on your precious lattes. There is something so special about the latte that makes the day a little more magical. Luckily, lattes aren’t just for espresso anymore. 
Enter the pink latte. Pink? Yes, pink. A caffeine-free, eye-catching morning pick-me-up, pink lattes were first concocted in the thriving wellness scene of Australia and have started shaking up the wellness scene here in the U.S. too. And, while it may appear to be the same color as Pepto-Bismol, you can rest assured that the pink latte is actually composed of beetroot juice.
Beetroot is extremely healthful. The vibrant red color is proof that beets are bursting with powerful antioxidants. Beets are also well known for reducing blood pressure, due to their high nitric oxide content. In fact, drinking one cup of beetroot juice has been shown to lower blood pressure by 10 mm Hg for 24 hours. It does this by relaxing blood vessels and thereby improving blood flow. Beets are also thought to be a liver tonic in that they can support the liver in cleansing the body.
Don’t worry, all that beet juice doesn’t make the latte taste like old borscht. It’s actually very nourishing and sweet. Try it for yourself at home with this basic recipe:
Pink Beetroot Latte
1-2 teaspoons beetroot powder (or juice 1-2 small beets)
1 cup warm non-dairy milk, unsweetened
1 Tablespoon raw honey (optional)
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and/or ginger
Combine beetroot juice/powder, honey, and cinnamon. Slowly and gently stir in warm milk in small amounts. Sip your way to better health!
If you happen to be in NYC or Philly, try the original trending pink latte at Bluestone Lane, who were the first to introduce it to the States. While you’re at it, why not try your hand at a green latte (matcha) or a golden latte (turmeric). With a little creativity, you can fill your week with a rainbow spectrum of delicious latte drinks.

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