Monday 12 March 2018

A Lip Enhancer Disaster (17 Pics)

Brittany Forster, 24, wanted her lips to be as pout perfect as Kylie Jenner so she decided to try and recreate the look but it didn’t quite go as expected.

The pretty Australian used a new product from CandyLipz which she bought online and she ended up with massively swollen lips that came as a bit of a shock to even her.

Brittany's inspiration was Kylie Jenner, who is now famous for having a massive pout

The application takes two minutes and makes the user's eyes and lips sting

CandyLipz say it is 'very normal' to get cupping marks from the product and that the bruising should resolve itself within 7 days. The company provided the following pictures which demonstrate the effects of CandyLipz

The traumatic experience has put the 24-year-old off ever using the product again though and she says she is now satisfied with the lips she was born with. She was left with severe bruising (pictured) after the application

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