Friday 9 March 2018

A Woman In The UK Buys WWII Bunker Turned Home (24 Pics)

A lot of people dream of living on the coast, with the ocean as their view. In some areas, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, whether it’s the cost of the housing, location, or history of the area. This was the case in Land’s End, United Kingdom. Elizabeth Strutton wanted to live on the coast of Land’s End but was having a hard time finding a property that fit into her wants and needs. When she came across a World War 2 bunker that had been decommissioned, she had an idea. The bunker was used during World War 2 as a secret radar and communications post. It had sat in the middle of a farm for many, many years. The farmer would actually store potatoes inside the abandoned bunker. But Elizabeth had other ideas. Just wait until you see what she ended up doing with this secret treasure. 
Welcome to Land’s End, UK. This is the place where the World War 2 bunker was located.

When Elizabeth Strutton saw the property, she had big ideas and not a lot to work with.

The bunker was used as a secret radar and communication post during World War 2.

After being decommissioned in 1982, the bunker which was located on a farm, was used to store potatoes.

The bunker was in pretty bad shape, overall.

It still had a lot of the original equipment left behind from the war, but none of it was functioning.

Here are a few of the power boxes and electronics that were used during the war.

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